MAN Transmission Oil

MAN Transmission Oil

MAN Transmission Oil is a SAE 80W gear lubricant containing sulphur-phosphorus EP (Extreme Pressure) additives. It is especially recommended for synchromesh transmissions where it provides full protection to components to ensure reliable operation and smooth gear changes. It exceeds MAN works standard MAN 341 Type Z-2.

MAN Transmission Oil


MAN Transmission Oil is suitable for manual transmissions (excluding AS-Tronic transmissions), synchromesh gearboxes and other applications which require a relatively low level of EP additive.

MAN Transmission Oil is especially recommended for manual transmissions and has improved frictional characteristics in lower operating temperatures which obviously implies improved efficiency.


  • Superior lubrication
  • Full protection for transmissions with bronze components
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Easy gear change
  • Conforms with warranty requirements

Performance Level

MAN 341 Typ Z-2, MB 235.5 and API GL-4.

Available in: 210 litre and 20 litre pack sizes.