MAN Engine Oil

MAN Engine Oil

MAN Engine Oil is an advanced high performance SAE 15W-40, mineral oil based, high performance diesel multigrade oil (HPDO) designed for the unique requirements of the African market. It exceeds MAN works standard M 3275, as well as the highest practical performance levels required by engines operating under local conditions.

MAN Engine Oil

It ensures excellent control over soot induced wear, high temperature deposits, corrosion, foaming and oxidation. MAN Engine Oil provides a high level of wear protection and ensures superior engine cleanliness.


MAN Engine Oil is designed for use in MAN engines requiring oil to works standard M 3275. It can also be used in older generation engines requiring oil to works standard MAN 271 as well as D08 and D28 engines from EURO 0, I and II emission class.


  • Conforms with warranty requirements
  • Exceeds MAN and industry performance levels
  • Excellent performance under local conditions
  • High levels of wear protection
  • Superior engine cleanliness

Performance Level

M 3275, MAN 271, MB 228.3, ACEA E3/E5 and API CI-4.

Available in: 210 litre, 20 litre and 5 litre pack sizes.