MAN Axle Oil

MAN Axle Oil

MAN Axle Oil is a SAE 90 premium quality, multipurpose hypoid gear lubricant containing sulphur-phosphorus EP (Extreme Pressure) additives developed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial-fleet drive axles and final drives. It exceeds MAN works standard MAN 342 Type M-2.

MAN Axle Oil


MAN Axle Oil is suitable for drive axles, final drives and other applications which require a relatively high level of EP additive. It is especially recommended for hypoid differentials.

MAN Axle Oil has improved frictional characteristics resulting in lower operating temperatures which obviously implies improved efficiency. The exceptional chemical and thermal stability permits its use at intermittent, high bulk oil temperatures with realistic drain and refill intervals.


  • Premium quality Extreme Pressure gear lubricant
  • Protection against wear and scoring under all operating conditions in particular high speed, high torque and shock loading
  • Protection against rust and corrosion in wet operating conditions
  • Conforms with warranty requirements

Performance Level

MAN 342 Type M-2, MB 235.6 and API GL-5.

Available in: 210 litre and 20 litre.