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MAN at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011

Reality and Concept combine to create Transport’s Future

As a world-leader in the development and supply of commercial vehicles, MAN Truck & Bus prides itself on its commitment to serving its diverse markets around the world, to forming mutually beneficial relationships with its truck and bus customers that help promote transport quality, efficiency and sustainability.

At the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011, MAN Truck & Bus is proud to present its unique vision for the road transport industry in Southern Africa, combining its current range of products and services with a host of exciting new developments from Europe and South Africa, designed to promote sustainable commercial transport around the world based on a strategic commitment to engineering innovation and service excellence which harmonises fleet efficiency with ecological imperatives.

MAN goes GREEN – Consistently Efficient is MAN’s proprietary programme that not only enhances operator profitability through lowest total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) but integrates vehicle economy and efficiency with environmental impact mitigation using a blend of MAN technology and driver training from MAN’s Driver Training Team.

Under the banner of MAN’s brand promise to keep customers ‘Consistently Efficient’, visitors to the MAN exhibit at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011 will be exposed to new eco-friendly solutions from MAN in Europe designed to lower fuel consumption while conserving the environment, including:

The Concept S truck: a visual representation - MAN’s proprietary truck design study that proves how optimised vehicle aerodynamics can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 25% while dramatically lowering CO2 emissions.

The Euro 5 TGS - A built-to-order MAN truck-tractor equipped with a Euro 5 MAN D26 engine and MAN AdBlue® based on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology that can operate effectively in South Africa right now using standard diesel with a sulphur content of 500ppm.

MAN EfficientLine Package – A suite of technologically advanced truck products designed to be retrofitted in order to assist in the reduction of fuel costs, including aero-kits to reduce drag, an air-pressure management system to optimise compressor application and a tyre pressure management system to reduce rolling resistance.

MAN Lions Explorer 27-metre bi-articulated bus – a super-transit vehicle developed in MAN’s Olifantsfontein plant, capable of carrying 137 passengers, bringing greater business efficiency to bus fleet owners while helping to lower carbon emissions through reduced fleet fuel consumption.

World-beating workhorses

Supporting these exhibits is the full spectrum of MAN and Volkswagen trucks, including the flagship MAN TGS WW truck-tractor, the refined MAN CLA generation, the latest MAN TGM all-wheel-drive derivatives and the full range of Volkswagen Constellation heavy-duty trucks.

Customer satisfaction redefined

With a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) rating close on 100%, MAN Truck & Bus has a unique formula for meeting customer requirements swiftly and cost-effectively. MAN’s ‘Four Pillars of Support’ will be featured at the show, demonstrating how product quality, tailor-made finance solutions, 24/7 dealer support and hands-on service combine to deliver lowest cost-of-ownership and maximum uptime, throughout Africa.

Integral to the ‘Four Pillar’ concept is MAN TopUsed which will display premium-class late-model trucks, giving buyers an affordable vehicle procurement alternative, backed by Factory Warranty options, technology upgrades and preferential buy-back terms.

Alongside will be representatives from MAN|Service, MAN|Finance and MAN|Support, exposing visitors to the broad array of aftersales, warranty, insurance and driver training solutions MAN has to offer its customers.

Pioneering sustainability

Markus Geyer, CEO, MAN Truck & Bus supports the exhibit thus: “MAN’s integrated and holistic approach to sustainable road transport is unique, as is its commitment to continually improving its customer proximity. Visitors to the MAN building at this year’s Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011 will experience first-hand how ‘Consistently Efficient’ works in practice, how automotive engineering innovation dramatically improves economy and uptime.

“Our guests will also experience how true customer-tailored support services integrate with product excellence to optimise fleet profitability while conserving our environment. Anyone with a taste for consistency, efficiency and pioneering work in the transport industry will be suitably impressed, of that I’m confident.”