MAN | Service sets African Benchmarks

As one of the elements of MAN’s Four Pillars of Support, MAN|Service plays an integral role in lowering total-cost-of-ownership of all MAN and Volkswagen commercial vehicle products. With its primary function being the ongoing support of 30 dealerships in South Africa and a further 15 in sub-Saharan Africa, MAN|Service offers a broad range of services covering dealer technical training, warranty management, parts inventory optimisation, product testing and vehicle research and development.

“MAN is committed to lowering total-cost-of-ownership of MAN and Volkswagen vehicles as well as limiting the cost of servicing and repairing these trucks and buses, in all our dealership territories,” says Wayne Powdrell, Management Board Member: After Sales, MAN Truck & Bus SRM.

“We focus on continuous improvement in our optimisation of the MAN dealer network in sub-Saharan Africa. With our advanced technology platforms, we are able to offer first and second-level technical support for workshop technicians and parts personnel, including training. Our Dealer Development strategy includes the implementation of standards and controls, the setting of aftersales budgets, sales forecast charts as well as the auditing of all these disciplines,” adds Powdrell.

A key objective of MAN’s global sales strategy is to foster consistency across its international dealer network to ensure desired levels of customer satisfaction.

“MAN’s aftersales development process is designed to promote consistent operations and standards, spanning workshop efficiency, parts delivery to ensure maximum parts availability, improved warranties backed by technical goodwill, service exchange components, well-balanced parts special offers aligned to customer needs, and the optimisation of service intervals for maximum vehicle uptime and cost savings,” Powdrell explains.

The ‘Centre’ concept has dramatically improved MAN’s customer orientation by enabling swift decision-making at the point of sale, a critical component of MAN|Service’s Dealer Development strategy.

“We’ve moved from a ‘tell’ approach to a ‘show’ strategy where we constructively engage with all our Centre personnel to the extent where we assist with sales territory management, strategic planning for the location of new workshops and the provision of all the necessary skills, standards and tools to ensure MAN customers remain consistently efficient,” says Powdrell.

With its technology-enabled preplanning process, MAN|Service is able to execute MAN’s commitment to enabling maximum vehicle in-service hours to full effect. Having recently scooped two awards at the NADA (National Automobile Dealer Association) Dealer Satisfaction Index Awards, the efforts of MAN|Service are reaping rewards.

“We constantly monitor the customer satisfaction index and respond accordingly, driven by MAN’s mission to offer commercial vehicle buyers lowest possible total-cost-of-ownership. For the MAN|Service team and our dealership colleagues, the challenge is quite clear – whoever has the best package, wins,” Powdrell concludes.