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At a press conference held in Northcliff, Johannesburg on 9 March, Markus Geyer, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus SRM (Sales Region: Middle East & Africa) presented the organisation’s revised regional and global marketing strategy for 2011. Attending the event were over 30 representatives from consumer, trade and business television media.

“MAN’s vision globally is to have the best people, the strongest customer orientation and superior technology and services to be number one in the market,” stated Geyer. “MAN is a strong brand with more than 250 years of business history founded on the core values of state-of-the-art engineering and product enthusiasm. Today, these values have been extended to enhance a strong customer focus.”

Geyer opened his presentation with a breakdown of MAN’s international achievements achieved in 2010, including the focusing of MAN on only two divisions, commercial vehicles ( MAN Truck & Bus AG as well as MAN Latin America) and power engineering (MAN Diesel & Turbo), the launch of Concept S (automotive engineering for greater efficiency and 30% less carbon emissions), 7000 vehicles produced my MAN Latin America in Brazil in a single month and, the successful launch of the MAN TGS WW truck range in South Africa.

“These milestones constitute a solid worldwide platform upon which MAN can leverage its long-term technological strategy and core values to bring greater innovation, efficiency, reliability and product flexibility to international truck and bus markets,” he said.

“MAN’s global footprint is growing, offering a greater choice of products for different markets and market segments from production facilities in the new economic powerhouses of Brazil and India. Some of those products already have been successfully introduced to the South African Market”, added Geyer. “Having a multi-brand portfolio of trucks and buses allows us to compete in market segments where hitherto, MAN was not present.”

From a southern African perspective, Geyer pinpointed the key objectives of MAN Truck & Bus SRM for the coming year: “We have a network of 28 wholly-owned and independent dealers in South Africa, positioned in strategic locations and wholly owned by MAN. Having our own people ‘on the ground’ allows us to maintain the integrity of our operating principles and brand values. In keeping with our new international brand ethos, ‘Consistently Efficient’, MAN’s management philosophy has evolved to enable decision-making at the point-of-sale, bringing speed and customer-focus to the equation. Our ‘10 Customer Promises’ programme will build efficiency and enthusiasm amongst our personnel in all our business centres in southern Africa and enhance our customer proximity at the point of sale,” Geyer said.

Despite the challenges in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2009, 2010 was a year of strong recovery for MAN Truck & Bus S.A. (Pty) Ltd.

“We succeeded in increasing our market share from 8% to 9.5% from 2009 to 2010, thanks to our technological leadership and enhanced service offerings. The TGS WW secured an extremely successful launch with 65% of our customers reporting that the truck exceeds their expectations. The Volksbus Explorer allowed us to penetrate new bus market niches and will assist our bus division achieve a projected combined 40% market share in 2011, while the MAN CLA truck range positioned itself as a no-nonsense value-driven workhorse in specialised applications.

“In short, the integrated approach of MAN to lower total-cost-of-ownership through superior products, committed personnel and value-added services has us perfectly geared to increase our market share by at least 1% in southern Africa during 2011,” concluded Geyer.