MAN Lion´s City

MAN Lion's City A84
MAN Lion's City A84
MAN Lion's City A84
MAN Lion's City A84
MAN Lion's City A84

Feel-good space for city dwellers

Attractive and ergonomic in design, the passenger compartment is totally oriented towards the comfort and convenience of commuters.

  • The step-less low entry makes it easy for reduced-mobility and elderly passengers to board and disembark.
  • The bright colorful interior makes the passenger compartment inviting and cheerful whilst the ergonomic seats offer ample legroom, further enhancing passenger comfort.
  • Standing passengers can take a firm grip of uprights and handrails.
  • Infant buggies and wheelchairs are also conveniently positioned.
  • Flip-down seats are positioned in the wheelchair bays, offering additional seating when not in use.
  • The kneeling function enables the nearside to settle 80mm, further enhancing the ease of boarding.
  • Large tinted side windows for brightness inside and great views of city life outside

The cockpit for the city pilot

In this cockpit everything is just right. The driver feels immediately at home with the layout and can focus on the job at hand, driving safely and economically.

  • The controls are logically laid out and effortlessly reachable.
  • All the important driver information is available at a glance and all the instruments are easily readable in daylight and at night.
  • Liquid-crystal display for operating status and diagnostic data
  • The adjustable, air-sprung driver’s seat is a workplace where comfort reigns supreme. The luxurious seat can be adjusted in numerous ways, designed for maximum ergonomic benefit to keep the driver fully at ease and fully aware of the traffic situation.
  • The height and angle of the steering wheel can also be adjusted to suit the driver.
  • Clear visibility through curved front windscreen.

Manufactured for safety – The Body structure

  • The body frame structure with its continuous vertical pillars and diagonal bracing are manufactured from corrosion resistant 3CR12 steel tubing, adding to the overall strength of the vehicle and providing all important rollover protection.
  • Corrosion resistant chromaprep panels are bonded to the body side exterior of the body structure, while the front and rear ends are clad with aesthetically pleasing moulded glass reinforced plastic (GRP) components.
  • The roof, incorporating two emergency exit escape roof hatches, is a moulded GRP skin with integrated steel eaves bonded to the structure.