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MAN ServiceContracts: TCO services and savings potential


Effective fleet management also always directly depends on cutting costs. One mission-critical factor in this is to take a holistic perspective. For instance, in everyday business many companies buying a vehicle consider only the one-off purchase price, not the costs that can arise at a later date. However, this factor in particularly is decisive for the vehicle's actual efficiency because acquisition costs represent only a fraction of the overall expenditure; the so-called total cost of ownership, or TCO. It's therefore important that you keep all additional costs in mind throughout your vehicle's life cycle.

MAN service contracts for MAN and NEOPLAN-brand trucks and buses tailored to your company's needs can slash the TCO by more than 50 percent. They also ensure that your vehicles are safer and more cost-effective to operate. That's because you'll never miss another service appointment and can save money thanks to fixed rates for servicing and repairs – no matter how much work is required. This makes costs easier to calculate and facilitates the planning of maintenance costs. And because your vehicles are optimally tuned at all times, you also benefit from significantly lower fuel consumption. To complete its offer, MAN also handles the administrative processing of all service and repair orders, thus ensuring that you have fewer costs to calculate and preventing the need for warranty claims or complaints.