MAN Lion's Coach - interior

The Lion's Coach interior - for passengers and drivers

Excellence inside

Comfort and safety for passengers and drivers

“Please get on board” – with the MAN Lion’s Coach, you won’t need to tell your passengers twice. With its excellent interior, from the light-flooded passenger area to the comfy seats, no matter where they sit, every journey is a pleasure from the moment the coach sets off.

With the MAN Lion’s Coach, the whole interior is designed to offer an “all-round feel-good” experience. And that extends to the driver's workplace as well. All the components are designed down to the last detail to provide optimum ergonomics and functionality.

Passenger area of the MAN Lion's Coach

Feel-good atmosphere as standard

On holiday from the word go

Flooded with light and also boasting indirect LED lighting, the design of the interior has been carefully considered in terms of both the visual and technical aspects. With the MAN Lion’s Coach, comfortable journeys come as standard thanks to the following built-in features:

  • Ergonomic, comfy seats
  • Large luggage racks
  • Holders for tablets and small laptops
  • USB ports for charging on the go

Make sure your passengers are wowed from the moment they step on board. Just one quick look in the beautifully designed passenger area is enough to see that the journey ahead will be relaxed and comfortable. The interior fittings and equipment create a coordinated and modern look, ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Plus, your passengers will be treated to ultimate comfort throughout the entire journey. They can make use of the many practical functions installed for their convenience or simply sit back and take in all the detailing of the design.

Glass roof hatch in the MAN Lion's Coach

Area of inspiration

If you want to ensure that your passengers enjoy a fantastic overall travel experience, the MAN Lion’s Coach passenger area can help you achieve this as soon as you set off for your destination. The timelessly elegant, perfectly coordinated colour scheme guarantees an exceptional ambience, whilst the abundance of light and fresh air, and the overall premium quality of the interior create an exceptional feel-good atmosphere.

The indirect ceiling lighting with its continuous LED light strip fills the entire ceiling area of the MAN Lion’s Coach with indirect, warm white light, both during the day and at night. Plus, the windows and glass roof hatch with UV filtration let in natural light, brightening up the passenger area no end.

Our fully automated air-conditioning system, installed as standard, controls the temperature throughout the journey. Depending on the weather outside, the passenger area can be heated to a pleasant temperature or cooled down to refresh everyone on board. The air-conditioning system also pumps a continual supply of fresh air into the interior.

Passengers on board a MAN long-haul coach are sure to have a pleasant journey. All of the fittings have been designed and installed to ensure that there is maximum freedom to move around throughout the passenger area. The design gives a spacious, airy feel to the coach.

All-round comfort: the seats in the MAN Lion's Coach

Travel comfort

In developing the MAN Lion’s Coach, we paid special attention to the design of the seats – each spot impresses passengers with its levels of overall comfort. Passengers can sit back and relax even on longer journeys thanks to the ergonomic nature of the seating. All of the seats have adjustable headrests and plenty of legroom for an unbeatably pleasant journey.

Passengers have the option of reclining their seats a little and making use of the folding table on the back of the seat in front of them, which comes complete with a cup holder. As part of the standard comfort package for each seat, a service set is also positioned overhead. Every passenger has a built-in LED reading light, adjustable air vents, speakers and service buttons.

Equipment of your choice

We want every passenger and driver to feel right at home on board the MAN Lion’s Coach, which is why our coaches come with the comfort package as standard. The fittings and equipment in the vehicles can be tailored to suit your specific requests and operating requirements. Your contacts at MAN are on hand to offer you advice should you need it.

An overview of your MAN contacts

Would you like to move your passengers in every sense of the word? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck as MAN Individual has a comprehensive range of tailor-made solutions for your coach interior.

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Ease of access

Entrances and exits with large steps

All entrances and exits on our coaches have large steps to make it easy for passengers to get on and off the vehicles safely, with LED lights along the steps helping here too.

Optional wheelchair lift

There is the option of having a wheelchair lift added at the rear door. Your passengers are also free to move around comfortably in the passenger area without a hazard in sight, as the floor is an even surface that is completely free of raised areas and steps. This makes vehicles in the MAN Lion’s Coach series the ideal choice if you are looking to offer passengers barrier-free mobility.

Safe storage

When you are providing regular and long-haul coach services, it is particularly crucial that you offer your passengers plenty of space for their luggage. It is with this in mind that we have worked hard to optimise our trusty high-decker design. Depending on the MAN Lion’s Coach model, your passengers will have between 11.7 and 14.3 m3 of storage space for their luggage.

Luggage racks above the seats

Your passengers will even have plenty of room for extra luggage in the passenger area. We have adapted the design of the roof ducts in the MAN Lion’s Coach to give you as much storage space as possible. The open luggage racks above the seats are ideal for items of hand luggage and medium-sized travel bags.

Passengers can bring their luggage along on the Lion's Coach

The storage compartments on the outside offer ample space for larger suitcases and bags. We’ve added new flaps that are unbelievably light, making it even faster and easier to load and unload luggage on the new MAN Lion’s Coach.

Added convenience en route

Built-in kitchen on board the MAN Lion's Coach

The built-in kitchen on board allows you to cater for your passengers on longer journeys. You can serve up cold drinks, hot coffees and snacks any time, and even preparing light meals is no hassle at all on the MAN Lion’s Coach.

A USB port at every seat

Modern mobility with MAN

Since there’s no chance of smartphones, tablets and other devices being left at home these days, our coaches come with everything your passengers will need to access all the information and entertainment they want during the journey. Each seat has its own USB port to save battery life during use or to charge up devices, so smartphones, tablets and digital cameras are good to go by the time you reach the next stop. We want to make sure that your passengers can use their electronic devices as much as they want to help pass the time and keep themselves occupied during the journey. What’s more, we’ve added a practical holder to the table at every seat, so passengers can secure their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, making them easier to use when on the move.

Our MAN Multimedia Coach infotainment system has a DVD and video system for top entertainment that everyone on board can enjoy. The two 19-inch flat screens are positioned to give everyone a good view – no matter where they are sitting.

Cockpit of the MAN Lion's Coach

Every last detail designed with safety in mind

The all-round feel-good cockpit as a work place

The MAN Lion’s Coach cockpit can be adapted to best suit the requirements of the individual driver. The design is the result of the extensive experience in manufacturing commercial vehicles we have amassed over the decades teamed with the very latest findings from research into transport and safety.

Lion's Coach cockpit
Driver's workplace storage concept

A driver's workplace full of highlights

The storage concept that allows for intuitive use and the improved switch layout make the driver’s work a dream, leaving them to focus their full attention on the traffic on the road. The ergonomically designed work place also allows drivers to relax while driving, thereby significantly improving road safety. Our MAN long-haul coaches provide drivers with the optimum conditions for getting passengers from A to B safe and sound, and with a smile on their faces.

  • Re-designed storage concept complete with cup holder and mobile phone holder
  • User-friendly switch layout
  • Air-sprung, multi-adjustable seat for fatigue-free driving (optionally available with seat heating and armrests)
  • Multi-function steering wheel – continuous height and angle adjustment
  • MMC (MAN Multimedia Coach) with navigation function
  • Central display with readouts for operating and diagnostic data
  • LED status and warning lights
  • Routine checks on the driver’s display for monitoring safety and wear
  • Option of on-board and off-board diagnostics
  • Separate climate control for the cockpit
  • Exterior mirrors with integrated wide-angle and rear-view mirrors for excellent vision
  • Comfortable driver’s sleeper cab



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