MAN Lion’s City

 MAN Lion’s City Cockpit
 MAN Lion’s City Cockpit
 MAN Lion’s City Cockpit

Comfortable workplace with a view

Everything is just right with this cockpit, as is the case with the other cockpit available, which complies with the VDV guidelines issued by the Association of German Transport Organisations: drivers feel at home with the layout right away, so they can maintain full concentration at all times and always stay on top of what’s happening, even during more hectic periods. After all, the attractively designed cockpit meets even the most exacting demands in terms of comfort, ease of use and ergonomics. Every detail is perfectly adapted to the individual requirements of the driver: from the logical arrangement of the controls, to the easy-to-read display, right through to the clearly-laid-out indicator panels. The generously sized LCD screen remains the focal point here at all times, keeping the driver informed about all the vehicle’s operating and diagnostic data. The MAN service interval data calculator* provides advance reminders in the cockpit when a maintenance appointment is due. The system uses the vehicle’s status data to calculate forecast dates, thereby enabling maintenance to be scheduled according to wear and usage, instead of at fixed intervals. A good overview is also provided by the downswept windscreen and the foldable wing mirrors.

MAN is one of the first manufacturers to offer the new ISRI NTS2 generation of driver’s seats as standard in the MAN Lion’s City. This driver’s seat impresses when it comes to both comfort and safety, with its particularly distinctive backrest (lumbar support), three-dimensional seat adjustment, adjustable armrest and climate control.

In the cockpit of the Lion’s City, the on-board KIBES 32 electronics assume control of the vehicle body. The modular electronic structure shows the driver warnings and errors directly on the display in the form of a plain text report. All MAN Lion’s City buses also have a universal telematic interface on-board as standard, to provide additional support to the driver via telematics systems.

*not available for Lion’s City Hybrid and vehicles with VDV instrumentation

Overview of highlights:

  • Ergonomic cockpit with high ease of use
  • Clearly structured instrument panel with revised menu and switch design
  • Steering wheel with adjustable height and tilt
  • LCD screen for operating and diagnostic data
  • Practical, lockable stowage compartments for drivers and companions
  • Optimum overview through downswept windscreen and in wide-angle mirrors with fold-in function
  • Body control systems provide plain-text warnings on the driver’s display
  • Universal interface for telematics systems
  • Driver information on vehicle status and maintenance appointments