Warcup identifies efficiencies with MAN

East Yorkshire bulk-haulier takes first MANs

Warcup Transport in Driffield, East Yorkshire, has taken delivery of its first MAN trucks in the company’s 42 year history. The move follows glowing re-ports from other local MAN hauliers and after a Euro-6 address by MAN CEO Des Evans at a recent Transport Association conference at Coombe Abbey.

A total of six TGX 24.440 6x2 mid-lift ‘Lite’ tractors, with XLX cabs, entered service at the start of November with five-year R&M contracts – all fitted with MAN telematics and featuring MAN EcoStyle driver performance monitoring.

High payload potential, unanimous driver acceptance and an excellent ac-quisition package finally convinced Warcup of the operational benefits of the MAN marque.

“Des Evans views on Euro-6 and the UK market provided a real insight for us,” said company director, Clive Warcup. “We had been eyeing-up MAN for a few years, and were hearing good things from other local operators. It was Des Evans, however, that finally persuaded us of the operational benefits of the TGX product at Euro-5.”

Warcup Transport also took advantage of 6x2 tractor demonstrator following a fact-finding trip to Tip-Ex in 2011.

“After suffering a few high repair costs on our other truck-makes thanks to their AdBlue systems,” continued Warcup, “we were keen to stay ahead of Euro-6 and stick with EGR engines. So, with this in mind – MAN quickly be-came the obvious choice ahead of the 2014 deadline for new Euro-6 trucks.”

The new MANs mark a significant milestone for the Driffield-based bulk haul-age operation. The sixth MAN is known in Warcup’s Transport Office as Fleet No.200 – the 200th truck to be registered by Clive Warcup since he entered transport as an owner driver in September, 1970.

“Our initial impression of the new MAN fleet is excellent,” Warcup added, “our drivers are very pleased with performance and comfort, and even our customers are impressed by what they describe as an excellent on-road im-age. On-board telematics is a new technology for us, and I’m excited by the potential efficiencies that MAN EcoStyle can bring.