WT Installs New MAN Light and Middleweights

IT and ‘high-value goods’ logistics provider, WT Installations, has taken delivery of 11 new MAN TGL and TGM rigid chassis for a variety of specialist load applications in the UK and overseas.

The vehicles, fleet additions and replacement, were all acquired through MAN Financial Services and supplied through the MAN Truck Centre, Cordwallis Heathrow. Telematics are fitted as part of the MAN Fleet Management package. Highly specialised bodywork and tail-lifts are also fitted for computer hardware distribution.

The company says that it is keen to move away from using additives in its distribution fleet. “The ‘Add Nothing’ engines were a big factor in our decision to go for MAN,” said Managing Director, Ian Carter, “it’s just so much less hassle, and economy is on a par with existing vehicles – in fact, we should see overall costs come down as a result of the non-requirement of AdBlue.”

“We’re looking forward to further cost savings with the inclusion of MAN Fleet Management – the onboard telematics will certainly help our drivers maximise productivity. We anticipate a reduction in downtime too, particularly as a result of prolonging clutch life.”

Aftersales too, is an area of great importance for WT Installations; MAN again comes in for praise in this respect. “MAN seems to have its act together with its aftersales programme,” continued Carter, “Cordwallis was very thorough during the whole acquisition process and has been very attentive to our needs ever since. The team has instilled a level of confidence which bodes well for the future.”

WT Installations was recently awarded a contract from a leading safe manufacturer to deliver domestic and commercial safes throughout the UK, for which the new MAN fleet will be used. The fleet will also operate on the company’s existing medical installations work around the UK and European mainland.