Sparks Fly For MAN

Prominent West Country haulier, Sparks Transport, has turned to MAN for the latest additions to its fleet. The company says it is enlarging its 80 strong fleet to keep pace with gentle growth achieved throughout the recession to date.

The three new Euro 5 MAN TGX tractors join the largely Scania and Renault fleet on the back of Sparks’ successful experience with four earlier MAN units, two 08 and two 59 plates.

Jonathan Sparks, grandson of the founder of the family run business, says, “We’ve had no problems at all with the earlier MANs, all TGX models, so on the back of their performance and fuel economy we bought two more. We always thought MAN made pretty decent trucks, but in recent years they seem to have got better and better.

“Service support too, and that’s important with any make. We can’t speak too highly of the MAN Centre in Avonmouth; they have carried on the strong service tradition set in place by their former principal, Henry Dilloway, and were in important part of our decision-making process.”

Sparks Transport tractors average 120,000 kms a year on general haulage duties. Drivers normally keep their own vehicle, working away from the home depot in Glastonbury for up to week at a time, so driver acceptance of the vehicles was another important factor for the company. “Our drivers liked them immediately,” said Jonathan Sparks. “We had a demonstrator here for a while and you can’t help but be impressed when you first climb into the MAN XXL cab. Loads of space, well laid out, good visibility, comfortable – all the things a driver needs in today’s difficult road conditions.”

The new MANs were taken with 2 years MAN R&M cover. Previous MANs were taken with 5 years cover, but proven vehicle reliability has led Sparks Transport to reduce the time on the new trucks. “We look after our vehicles well here, and with the ongoing care we get from the manufacturer and the local dealer, we think this is probably the right decision for us.”