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Simon Elliott announces departure from MAN Truck & Bus UK

Managing director will leave company in January 2017

Simon Elliott, managing director of leading commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus Uk has announced his resignation from the business. He will leave the company at the end of January.

Simon was appointed from within the Volkswagen Group two years ago to create a new foundation for growth, with a strong focus on improving customer care.

Heinz Juergen Loew, board member sales and marketing Munich, said: “It is disappointing to see Simon leave our organization. He has steered the company through challenging times and has spearheaded a strategy that has already seen positive results, particularly in the areas of customer focus and market-share – two of our key barometers.”

One of Simon’s successes is the implementation of Customer First, which has had a direct impact on improvement of customer satisfaction. The UK is one of only a few European countries to see market-share growth, with a strong order bank going in to 2017.

When he joined the business Simon developed a turnaround plan for issues the brand faced with Euro5. He has also overseen the successful launch of Euro6 and Euro6c products, which boast improved reliability and fuel efficiency.

The UK market-share for MAN has seen a growth from 9.1 per cent in 2015 to a forecasted 10.5 per cent in 2016.

Prior to leaving, Simon will launch a new CRM system within the business. The new system is set to improve and revolutionise processes in the sales area and also to allow the business to keep much closer contact with cus-tomers, something Simon identified within the first few weeks in the role.

Speaking of his resignation Simon said: “I am sorry to be leaving a great team of people at MAN and I am proud that the first leg of the development of MAN Truck & Bus UK has been successfully completed.

“I am leaving a business which is well positioned for future growth through 2017 and beyond.

“The time is now right to pass on the baton, however, before I go there are several significant strategic changes that will be announced at our January conference that will allow for even greater engagement and sales success.”

Roger Davies, head of the MAN Dealer Association, added: “Simon has won many friends having joined the truck industry from cars. The brand has improved and has a great future. He will be missed by all of us.

“His enthusiasm and creative thinking is something the brand needed and his commitment to ensuring we look after customers to the best of our abil-ity was totally focused. We wish him well in the future and know he will go on to greater things.”

Simon’s successor will be announced in the coming weeks.