Peacocks Heralds MAN EcoStyle

South Wales Fashion retailer, Peacocks, has added another nine new MAN TGX 26.440BLS 6x2 tractor units to its Methyr Tydfil-based fleet. Transport Planning Manager, Gareth Bents says MAN’s driver performance IT system, MAN EcoStyle, was key in its decision to stay with the MAN marque.

MAN EcoStyle is a web-based vehicle and driver performance system, allowing Peacocks to monitor key driving parameters such as harsh braking, acceleration, maintaining ‘sweet spot’ engine revs, minimising idle time – all via on-board Telematics. Drivers can then be trained according to their strengths and weaknesses to obtain optimum productivity, and to ‘standardise’ performance figures across the fleet.

Peacocks fleet of 65 trucks is three-quarters MAN-branded, and the company hopes to install MAN EcoStyle throughout. The six-wheelers are acquired through MAN Financial Services on three-year Contract Hire packages.

Peacocks last acquired a fleet of TGA tractors in 2005, and has since relocated the Transport operation to a 240,000sq ft facility at Merthyr Tydfil. Its operation now includes collecting around 3500 containers annually from Southampton Dock.

The Peacocks fashion chain is owned by The Peacock Group plc, and employs over 5,000 people. There are currently over 500 Peacocks stores in the United Kingdom and more than 90 in 12 overseas countries.

The firm focuses on value-for-money fashion retailing, selling clothing and footwear for men, women and children. Its stores range from large flagship high fashion stores to smaller, local everyday essential stores.