Mountain MAN

Sleaford waste operator takes first Euro-6 MAN

Mountain Transport, part of Mid UK Recycling Ltd., has added a new Euro-6 MAN tractor unit to its fleet. Nine new Legras walking-floor trailers will also join the fleet in January 2015.

The latest addition represents a new move for the Sleaford waste recovery and skip-hire operator as the Munich marque enters the fleet for the first time since the company operated an original R-Registered MAN F8 model 19.321 some 25 years ago.

The new MAN TGX 26.480 6x2, with a Midlift Lite axle, was acquired and funded through MAN Financial Services. Mountain Transport says it is de-lighted with the acquisition package.

Transport Director, Nick Mountain, has fond memories of the old F8, “My father bought the MAN F8 over 25 years ago, when I was in short trousers,” he said. “MAN had a strong brand identity then, and that reputation for build-ing tough, reliable trucks exists today.

“With a new MAN dealership, HRVS, in close proximity, it made sense for us to take a closer look at the TGX product. Although our relationship with HRVS has only just started,” he said, “support from the MAN team leading up to the key-handover has been first class.”

He continued, “The new 480bhp unit has made quite an impact – its regular driver says it’s the best truck he’s driven in the last 20 years. We’re very pleased with initial fuel consumption, too.”

“The new MAN comes with a fleet management package,” added Mountain, “every day, we’re learning just what a useful tool MAN telematics can be in the Transport Office – and we are very much looking forward to reducing costs and maximising efficiency as a result,” he said.

Coupled to a walking floor trailer, the new MAN will operate throughout the UK transporting waste residues from customers for recycling at Mid UK recy-cling facilities and processing plants in Lincolnshire.