MAN makes most of fuel for SB Waste

Trials with a day cabbed, MAN TGS 32.400, eight wheel tipper, have delivered sufficiently convincing fuel economy for SB Waste Management & Recycling to add the truck to its 32 strong fleet.

Until now, the leading Wolverhampton based operator, started by Steve Broadley some 35 years and involved in waste and recycling from the start, has had a fleet made up largely of Daf, Scania and Volvo, with a variety of hook-loaders, tippers and a couple of artics with walking floor trailers.

SB Waste’s transport manager, Martyn Whiley, said, “When we took the demo truck from MAN I put one of my most experienced tipper drivers, Richard Logan, on it, because we really wanted to know what it was all about. When we’re working in town there’s an awful lot of stop/start motoring and that burns fuel – and, like anyone else, fuel is the biggest single cost we have.

“So we’ve spec’d the new truck using MAN TipMatic automated transmission with its special on/off road software, and that’s making sure we get the right torque, at the right revs, at the right time, for maximum fuel efficiency. It’s a major consideration for us and to date has been very impressive.”

The waste industry in the Wolverhampton area has been buoyant for some time, but SB’s general manager, Mark Cox, notes that the economy has caused even this sector to slow down. The company has been able to protect itself against the worst ravages of the downturn however, as it is also involved in processing the waste as well as simply collecting and transporting it.

While a lot of the end product is recycled within the UK, SB Waste also exports such things as tyres abroad. “We are well placed to take advantage of the economic up-swing, when it comes,” said Cox. “There is far more awareness these days of recycling and the trend remains upward, though the economy continues to hold it back along with the rest of industry.”

SB Waste Management & Recycling has taken a full MAN R&M package on its new vehicle, which will be supported locally by MAN network member, Aquila Truck Centres, from their Tipton location.