Lafarge Cements New Relationship with MAN

Lafarge Cement, the world's leading cement manufacturer and UK market leader, has taken delivery of 20 MAN tractor units as fleet replacements for part of its 113-vehicle UK operation. Assessed over the past year, the 20 TGS 24.440BLS 6x2 Lite chassis were selected after “several expected safety and operational benefits were realised”, Andrew Brodley of the company, said.

Mr Brodley, Lafarge Cement’s Transport Manager, expanded upon the company’s decision to choose MAN.

“Following a major revision of Lafarge Cement's vehicle specification, an in-depth evaluation of a MAN trial vehicle during 2009, which, coupled with favourable driver feedback, justified the selection of the new MAN six-wheelers for our Cauldon Works fleet. The ‘L’ Cabs, fitted with MAN TipMatic automated transmissions, Intarders and ‘Add Nothing’ EGR engines giving lower overall tare-weight compared to SCR vehicles, provide the driver safety and increased payload requirements needed to meet our major operational KPIs.”

Lafarge runs predominantly non-tip powder tankers at 44 tonnes. These couple to the tractor units using Lafarge’s unique ‘ground level operation’ suzie and in-chassis compressor connections, recently designed to improve driver’s safety by eliminating the need for working at height on vehicles.

With aftersales support critical to Lafarge’s fleet operations, the company has gone to great lengths to ensure its new truck supplier meets its stringent standards on maintaining vehicle uptime.

“MAN is a new venture for us,” Mr Brodley, said, “It’s essential we quickly build a strong relationship with the MAN network; this is being given great focus in order that our requirements will be met. We know MAN has invested heavily in its network infrastructure, and we’re satisfied it has the tools in place to deliver an excellent service.”