Lafarge Cements MAN Deal

Cement and building materials producer, Lafarge has recently completed a programmed delivery of 29 new MAN TGX 24.440BLS 6x2 tractors with ‘L’ sleeper cabs. Operating at 44 tonnes GCW, the company says that MAN’s EGR technology offers payload benefit not realised with alternative SCR vehicles using AdBlue.

The latest fleet replacements follow an initial delivery of 20 MAN's, which have been in operation for 18 months and which, together with this current batch, now make up 40+% of the Lafarge ‘cement fleet’.

Prior to the move to MAN, Transport Manager, Andrew Brodley, was keen to evaluate the market, and to introduce a new marque into the Lafarge cement fleet.

He said, “Based on running costs, vehicle uptime and driver acceptance, the MANs led the initial replacement programme and have performed well ever since. Payload is critical for us, and the saving of almost a quarter of a tonne per truck with MAN’s EGR engines equates to a significant productivity increase and reduction in CO2 emissions.”

“The transition for drivers and staff onto the MAN product was seamless,” he said, “we utilised the MAN Profi-Drive driver training programme and the results have been very positive. The final few drivers are completing the programme now, so, I’m expecting fuel economy to improve still further over the coming weeks and months.”

He went on, “With the introduction of the latest units, MAN now make up 40+% of the fleet total, and there’s a potential for more when another significant number of units are replaced during 2012.

Lafarge has been a major player in the UK construction sector since entering the British market in 1987; acquiring Redland in 1997 and Blue Circle in 2001.

The company is now the market-leader in cement while holding top-ranking positions in aggregates, concrete and plasterboard. Lafarge has three sister companies in Britain - Lafarge Cement UK, Lafarge Aggregates & Concrete UK and Lafarge Plasterboard UK.