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Joachim Drees CEO of MAN Truck & Bus AG visits London to deliver a briefing on the future trends in the Commercial Vehicle industry

London – Joachim Drees CEO of MAN Truck & Bus AG visited Central London today where he chaired a roundtable briefing with leading members of the business and road transport press.

Outlining MAN’s commercial vehicle strategy Mr Drees presented MAN’s current and much acclaimed commercial vehicle model range and delivered an in-depth overview of the company’s future strategy and technologies.

Mr Drees said: “The aim of the roundtable is to give the British media a greater understand of MAN as a company, to explain the challenges faced by our industry and to further develop relationships with UK journalists.

“The UK is a very important market for MAN Truck & Bus and this roundtable has enabled us to share our vehicle and product portfolio which is very much driven by looking to the future to anticipate the needs of our customers.

“The UK commercial vehicle market is one of the most mature market places in the world. UK Truck, Van, Bus and Coach Operators understand the need to offer a flexible transport solution for their customers and in doing so they are quick to react to and meet the changing needs of both business and legislation.”

Key topics presented were: Electric mobility, Digitalisation, Automation and expanding the cooperation with other Volkswagen Truck & Bus brands.

Electric mobility - In 2018 MAN will deliver the first nine electric trucks to cus-tomers for use in everyday delivery of goods. Serial production for MAN electric trucks will start in late 2021. 2018 will also witness the presentation of an all-electric MAN Bus, with the serial production of a fully electric City Bus starting by the end of 2019.

Digitalisation – Under a new MAN business unit called MAN Digital. MAN will focus its digital strategy and its implementation on a large scale. Priorities will be given to optimising and improving internal processes, this will focus on many areas of business with the aim of implementing consistency. For the customer brand related digital services will be offered under the name MAN DigitalServices.

In 2015 MAN launched its digital brand RIO, which is anchored under the Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group umbrella. RIO, the open cloud-based platform, has the ability to digitally connect all aspects of today’s and tomorrow’s logistics chain. The RIO platform went online at the end of 2017 and has been continuously launching new services onto the Marketplace ever since.

In using RIO a fleet monitor displays the respective vehicle’s position every 15 minutes, along with other key information such as driver identification, mileage and fuel tank level. RIO Essentials also includes a performance analysis that analyzes multi-point data at vehicle level and provides the fleet operator with recommendations for action and improved efficiency.

Currently Volkswagen Truck & Bus truck brands, MAN and Scania, collectively have over 300,000 connected trucks.

Automation - MAN is one of the World’s leading manufacturers when it comes to automated driving and with a number of high profile partners MAN has a series of tests in place. Together with logistics operator DB Schenker MAN will road test a truck platoon on the A9 highway between Munich and Nuremberg in early summer 2018. The next step will see the introduction of self-driving trucks operating at the DB Schenker site in Nuremberg.

Furthermore as part of a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology, MAN have designed a safety vehicle that follows machinery used in mobile roadworks on highways autonomously, protecting road worker staff from oncoming traffic. This vehicle is in service and has been operating successfully in Hessen, central Germany.

Cooperation with Volkswagen Truck & Bus - Back in 2015, together with Scania and Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, MAN Truck & Bus became one strong Group: Volkswagen Truck & Bus. In autumn 2016, the brand family was extended by the digital brand RIO. Joining forces opened up the opportunity for synergies and cooperation on many levels.

Volkswagen Truck & Bus wants to become Global Champion in the transportation business by setting global standards in innovation, global presence and profitability. The group seeks to drive transportation to the next level and shape the future of the industry – with the customers at the heart of its work.

About Joachim Drees

Joachim Drees was born on November 20, 1964 in Düsseldorf.

He studied business administration at the University of Stuttgart and did his MBA at Portland State University.

Following his degree, he worked at various management consultant firms and the privatization agency (Treuhandanstalt) in Berlin. Drees held managerial positions in the Daimler Truck Group and at Mercedes-Benz Trucks from 1996 onward, including as Commercial Director of the Gaggenau Transmissions Unit and as Head of Commercial Vehicle Controlling.

In 2006, Joachim Drees joined British investment company HgCapital LLP as Partner for Portfolio Management.

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