First Time MANs for David Fox Transport

Well-known north-east operator, David Fox Transport, has for the first time introduced MAN into its mixed haulage fleet with two TGX 26.440BLS 6x2 midlift ‘Lite’ tractors with XLX cabs.The company is also using EGR engine technology for the first time, allowing it the freedom to operate without the costs and complexities of AdBlue.

“Our Workshop Manager, Charles Dryden, and I did a lot of homework before introducing a new truck into the fleet,” said Managing Director, Richard Fox, “and we were very keen to try EGR-technology following some problems with AdBlue systems elsewhere in the fleet. We noticed the MAN brand is becoming an increasingly common sight on the road,” he said, “and we also heard good reports from other operators.”

He went on, “With a competitive price, and a bumper-to-bumper three-year Warranty, we’re very pleased with the initial additions to the fleet. It is too soon to comment on fuel economy, but, early indications are very encouraging; what is already proving popular, is that there’s no AdBlue!”

Further fuel savings are also envisaged with the use of the company’s new Air Management Control (AMC) system from CVT Ltd. AMC allows the driver to electronically adjust the height of the cab’s roof-mounted air deflector to match the trailer height using a switch positioned behind the cab. In extensive trials, fuel consumption has been reduced by up to 4%.

With headquarters in Middlesborough, and other facilities in Leeds and Immingham, David Fox Transport controls a genuine mixed operation – running steel, paper and plastic products alongside a wide range of palletised food products – all carried in a diverse range of trailers.