B&Q Signals Weight-Shift With New MAN Fleet

Home improvement retailer, B&Q, has switched part of its Home Delivery fleet to a 10 tonne operation with the delivery of 19 new MAN TGL 10.180 4x2BLs – the first ever MANs for B&Q.

The livery chosen for the new MANs mirrors the introduction of B&Q’s new black uniform now seen in stores across the UK.

At ten tonnes GVW, B&Q makes a departure from its traditional home delivery option of light vans or 18 tonners, as James Prest, (Home Delivery Regional Contract Manager), at B&Q, explains.

“With our product portfolio continuing to expand,” he said, “and with an ever-increasing customer base, a versatile transport solution was required for urban and rural deliveries.”

He continued, “The smaller 10 tonne chassis still provides us with an excellent payload. However, it’s a much smaller, more manoeuvrable, less obtrusive truck, and that’s good news for other road users and for neighbourhoods where large 18 tonners are cumbersome and undesirable.”

“A more flexible approach to distribution was required,” he said, “and, for us, MAN was the best option. The whole-life cost package, and MAN’s willingness to find the right specification was key to the move to MAN. The TGL now gives us single-vehicle access to more locations, and that allows us to double-run, thus improving efficiency still further.”

The B&Q procurement team was also very impressed with MAN’s ‘Add Nothing’ EGR engine technology.

James Prest again, “A ‘greener’ truck demonstrates B&Q’s commitment to corporate responsibility and builds on our ‘One Planet Living’ values. Fuel economy from MAN’s Euro 5 EGR engine looks to be very good, so, why add the cost and inconvenience of AdBlue? Also, these trucks are running out of depots where AdBlue just isn’t available. It seems that sourcing AdBlue remains an issue throughout the UK.”