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MAN Truck & Bus celebrates 100 year milestone of the company in Saudi Arabia

MAN Truck & Bus also marks 30 year anniversary of association with KSA Importer Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd. (HHA) through series of events in the kingdom

Heiz-Juergen Loew and Sheikh Ali Alreza at a customer event
Heiz-Juergen Loew and Sheikh Ali Alreza at a customer event

MAN Truck & Bus today announced an important milestone with the company celebrating 100 years of commercial vehicle manufacturing. This year also marks the 30 year anniversary of MAN Truck & Bus’ association with its valued importer Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd. (HHA) in Saudi Arabia.

Top officials from both companies gathered at events throughout the country to mark the occasion and celebrate their association in the presence of employees, partners and prominent customers. Both MAN and HHA also celebrated another significant milestone with the 10.000th truck built at Saudi Automotive Manufacturing Company (SAMCO). The SAMCO Jeddah Assembly plant, which opened at the start of 2009, has been an important pillar of MAN’s Middle East growth strategy.

Speaking on the occasion, MAN Truck & Bus AG Board Member for Marketing & Sales, Heinz-Jürgen Löw said, "Today, we celebrate 30 years of partnership with Haji Hussein Alireza & Co. Ltd who are one of our oldest partners in the Middle East. The expertise and high customer orientation of HHA is reflected by the large established customer base built over the last 30 years and the excellent service infrastructure including the No 1 rated workshop in the MEA region at Jeddah. I would like to thank HHA for 30 years of excellent partnership, based on trust and professional cooperation.”

Mr. Low added, “It also gives me great pleasure to mark the milestone of 100 years of commercial vehicle business at MAN. The growth in public transport projects and the expansion of the logistics industry in Saudi Arabia points to enormous potential and possibilities for MAN and HHA. Along with HHA, we look forward to shaping the future of mobility into the next century.”

MAN Truck & Bus Center Riyadh
MAN Truck & Bus Center Riyadh

According to Sheikh Ali Alireza, Managing Director of HHA, “Our partnership with MAN Truck & Bus has been wonderful and together, we have created a solid foundation for continued success in the kingdom through our unrelenting efforts to support our customers with the best products, excellent service infrastructure and a memorable customer experience. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our valued customers for their loyalty over the years. This is indeed a momentous occasion and a time to look back and reflect while also looking ahead to a brighter future where we rededicate ourselves to our customers and enhancing their business through our products and services.”

Franz von Redwitz, the new Managing Director of MAN Truck & Bus Middle East said, “It is a proud moment for MAN and a significant milestone in celebrating 100 years of commercial vehicle manufacturing including our 30 years of association with Haji Husein Alireza Co (HHA). Our journey over the years and our success here in Saudi Arabia would not have been possible without the exemplary support and partnership of our valued distributor Haji Husein Alireza Co who have contributed to creating a sterling reputation for MAN vehicles. I would like to build on this solid platform and enhance our presence in the kingdom through our industry leading products in order to be a preferred transportation partner for our customers.”

Here is an overview of the most important MAN Truck & Bus milestones.

  • On 21 June 1915, a new company was entered in the trade register of the City of Nuremberg: "Lastwagenwerke M.A.N.-Saurer". The company was established as a joint venture between Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG and Saurer, a Swiss producer of commercial vehicles.
  • In 1924, MAN presented the first truck with a direct-injection diesel engine – which created the basis for the triumph of diesel engines in truck construction. It saved up to 75 percent of operating costs in comparison with the petrol engines common at the time.
  • In the 1950s, the MAN F8 with its 180 hp V8 engine became the flagship of the economic miracle in the new Federal Republic of Germany. MAN demonstrated its level of innovation as early as 1951, when it introduced the first German truck engine with exhaust gas turbo-charging. The six-cylinder engine achieved 175 hp with an 8.72-litre displacement, a remarkable power increase of 35 percent.
  • MAN also proved its innovative powers in bus construction. In 1961, the company introduced the 750 HO to the market, the first bus in modular design.
  • In 1971, MAN took over Büssing Automobilwerke and the company's plant in Salzgitter. MAN adopted Büssing's specialised underfloor engine technology as well as Büssing's logo, the lion of Brunswick, which has since decorated the radiator grille of all commercial vehicles made by MAN. At the end of the 1970s, MAN started to cooperate with VW in the light truck segment. The six- and eight-tonne trucks of the G-series were jointly produced until 1993. Today, MAN is part of the VW Group.
  • However, MAN's showpieces have always been trucks with hoods for construction work and heavy Cab-Over-Engine trucks for long-distance transport, such as the Type 19.280, which was the first MAN truck to receive the "Truck of the Year" award in 1978. Numerous awards followed, for example for the MAN F90, which was introduced in 1986 and received the "Truck of the Year" award the following year.
  • MAN started the new millennium with new innovations. In 2000, the "Trucknology Generation Type A" called TGA set new standards regarding comfort and ergonomics as well as new technologies such as the MAN TipMatic or the MAN Comfort-Shift for optimal gear changes. MAN strengthened its position in the premium coach segment by taking over the NEOPLAN brand in 2001.
  • The introduction of the D20 engines with common rail injection in 2004 was a real milestone in engine technology. MAN also modernised the light and medium series by introducing the TGL and the TGM in 2005. It was possible to achieve Euro 4, the exhaust gas standard at the time, by a combination of exhaust gas recycling and particle filters, entirely without additives such as AdBlue. Two years later, two models were presented to succeed the TGA in the heavy series; The TGX was designed for long-distance transport while the TGS was used for applications requiring traction and heavy distribution traffic. MAN received the "Truck of the Year" award for the seventh time and for both models - which is a record in this sector.

10000 Truck manufacturing in KSA
10000 Truck manufacturing in KSA

Into the Future

The development of resource-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles has always been one of the main goals of MAN Truck & Bus. Euro 6, the latest exhaust gas standard was a challenge that MAN met in 2012 with its latest generation of TG vehicles. In the autumn of 2014, MAN introduced the latest engine generation, the D38, which is currently the culmination of 100 years of engine development in commercial vehicles.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) and biogas are already available as alternatives. Engines suitable for CNG can also be operated with biogas in an almost CO2-neutral manner. An example is the new Lion's City GL CNG natural gas articulated bus, which won the "Bus of the Year 2015" award. The established range of natural gas city buses will be supplemented by trucks with a CNG drive in 2016.

MAN's developers are already working on vehicles that no longer need a driver for certain activities, for example when a safety vehicle secures motorway building sites. MAN Truck & Bus will use these and completely new ideas to ensure sustainable development of ultra-modern business vehicles in the future.

MAN Truck & Bus in Middle East

Since 2006, MAN Truck & Bus Middle East has been the regional representative of MAN Truck & Bus AG which is headquartered in Munich, Germany and the largest company of MAN Group. It is a leading provider of commercial vehicles and buses that are renowned for their robustness, reliability and adherence to high standards of driver and passenger comfort and safety.

MAN Truck & Bus Middle East operates through an extensive network of private capital dealers and importers in 14 countries namely Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The local coordination office is located in the UAE, Dubai Airport Free Zone and guarantees for efficient sales and after sales support in the Middle Eastern region.

Accommodating for the demanding operating conditions in the Middle East, MAN Truck & Bus Middle East provides full-fledged turn-key solutions for both goods and passenger transportation by road through its light (TGL) , medium (TGM) and heavy-duty (TGS WW) ranges of trucks, and MAN and NEOPLAN buses and coaches that provide basic to VIP luxury transport and travel requirements.