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Transport solutions for Construction

Introducing technological innovations powered by MAN to improve construction operations.

Since Qatar’s successful bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Government and private sector plan for high levels of investment in infrastructure and real estate development. According to the Qatar Construction Sector Report of the Commercial Bank of Qatar, approximately USD 225 bn between 2011 and 2016, of which USD 125 bn is dedicated to construction and energy projects alone. This means for potential contractors to be all setup in order to be competitive.

MAN Truck & Bus as one of the leading suppliers for commercial vehicles recommends not to leave anything to a chance when it comes to investments in construction equipment.

Profitability pays off on a long term when purchasing transport equipment for construction. Due to the rough conditions on Qatar’s constructions sites, the extreme heat and the huge amount of operating hours, the requirements for a truck are tougher than in any other segment. The quality of the truck pays off, when it lasts under such extreme conditions and at the same time the maintenance and repair costs are at a minimum. A malfunction or failure of the truck means delay of delivery which can raise enormous costs within the complete construction project. “Our customers are not willing to take any risks with their investment in construction equipment. They trust MAN because of the durability of our products and with it the low total costs of ownership (TCO). Customers are not willing to face additional investments for replacements, equipment renewal after short operating times and high maintenance costs,” Muheeb Sawaked, Deputy General Manager of Qatar International Automobiles, the exclusive distributor of MAN Truck & Bus in Qatar explains. “This is why we at MAN provide dedicated customer recommendations for transport solutions including MAN ProfiDrive driver training and MAN Telematic to keep the running costs low.”

Whether on the road or off-road: For the reason of cost-effective transport, MAN has optimized its six-cylinder engines with common-rail injection and turbocharging to make more out of every liter of fuel. With ratings from 265 kW (360 hp) to 353 kW (480 hp), MAN makes sure to offer an engine to match all construction operation tasks.

“Whoever works in the transport business today acts on difficult terrain. This applies in particular when the assignments are not only on-road, but off-road – on unpaved roads and rough terrain. As, for example, in construction-site transport and municipal operation, in fire-fighting and emergency services, oil and gas field operation or during explorations and expeditions.“ Joerg Bauch, MAN Truck & Bus Sales Manager states. “Whether gravel, mud or sand, challenges are there to be mastered. MAN all-wheel-drive trucks get through where others just spin their wheels”, he continues. Among the diversity of axle formulas and driveline configurations there is bound to be a solution for all requirements. Whether used on construction sites, in municipal services or any kind of off-road use: MAN vehicles, with their permanent or engageable all-wheel drive guarantee mobility in all situations. The MAN in-house produced heavy duty axles and transfer cases for on-road and off-road application guarantee optimal traction. One special feature is the electronic transfer case and differential lock management for secure engagement. The MAN TipMatic gearbox, which can be operated in automatic mode as well as manually, translates the power into dynamics. The MAN TipMatic® Offroad shift program is specifically designed for more efficiency on construction sites and off-road.

“Efficiency is the major driver when it comes to the development of our trucks, but also the aspect of safety is our concern and therefore we have developed a wide range of features, which have proven to decrease the chances of accidents,” Dr. Richard Brown, Product Manager at MAN said. “In order to maximize safety, you have to minimize the risks. For this purpose, MAN trucks are equipped with innovative technologies that make daily operation as safe as possible.” The MAN BrakeMatic® with the electronic braking system EBS provides superb braking responses in every situation. Optional integrated in all-wheel-drive vehicles, the ABS with off-road logic improves the braking effect on unpaved, slippery surfaces.

“I feel in good and safe hands in my MAN. It's not just my own safety I'm concerned about, but the safety of the others on the road as well. After all, a truck's not a toy." A professional driver of Hamad Bin Khalid Contracting Company stated.

The frame with perfect body-mounting capability, the robust chassis, the axles and suspension for every requirement are MAN components engineered to highest reliability, safety and efficiency. The reinforced chassis frames of MAN guarantee reliability and stability even under tough conditions.

It's often the little things that make a big difference. For that reason, there is a whole series of equipment to optimize the operation and efficiency of MAN trucks. A model of functionality is the three-part, and thus particularly repair-friendly, steel bumper with centered towing eye, front step for cleaning the windshield and robust protective grills. Optionally, it is also available with a fitting for the front crane outrigger as well as two shackles. A good view and a dependable supply of light are provided too: The spacious available cabs M, L and LX are designed to provide a good all-round visibility. The standard plastic bumper can be fitted with cornering lights. From the construction access step with a grab handle on the roof, it's easy to take a quick look at your cargo. The stone guard in front of the cooler is a practical option not only off-road, but on-road as well.

MAN offers customized services: “When you visit an MAN workshop, it‘s usually only a couple of hours between ”welcome“ and ”have a safe journey“”Iyad Jaradat, After Sales Manager at QIA says proudly. “However, in our range of services we offer more than merely a qualified service: we provide all-round care for your MAN Truck by our trained service team”. MAN Services incorporate everything to ensure that the vehicles do not encounter problems on the road and that the freight reaches its destination reliably and safe. With MAN service contracts, extended warranties, and attractive spare parts pricing MAN offers customized after sales care in all situations. On the road MAN Mobile24 assures mobility at any time. MAN Support presents customized proposals to optimize vehicle use – for higher profitability and increased transport efficiency. MAN ProfiDrive® driver training and further training modules help you to optimize the vehicle operation and further save fuel.

Since 2006, MAN Truck & Bus Middle East has been the regional representative of MAN Truck & Bus AG which is headquartered in Munich, Germany and the largest company of MAN Group. It is a leading provider of commercial vehicles and buses that are renowned for their robustness, reliability and adherence to high standards of driver and passenger comfort and safety.

MAN Truck & Bus Middle East operates through an extensive network of 35 private capital dealers and importers in 14 countries namely Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Accommodating for the demanding operating conditions in the Middle East, MAN Truck & Bus Middle East provides full-fledged turn-key solutions for both goods and passenger transportation by road through its light (TGL) , medium (TGM) and heavy-duty (TGS WW) ranges of trucks, and MAN and NEOPLAN buses that provide basic to VIP luxury transport and travel requirements.