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MAN ProfiDrive® globally trains truck and bus drivers since 30 years for more safety and economy

The MAN driver training course is designed to raise the level of knowledge about driving economically and safely

The way of driving has a great impact on the effeciency. Almost 10 % fuel savings are genneraly archived during the driver training at MAN ProfiDrive®. Since 30 years the trainers of MAN ProfiDrive® teach theoretical and practical knowledge about safety and economical driving. Approximately 6,000 participants will take part in the training program this year.

"The requirements for professional drivers have changed dramatically. Tight schedules, ever-changing vehicles and high cost pressure today characterize the professional image of the driver,” says Werner Bigiel, Director of MAN ProfiDrive® at the international trainer meeting held in Munich from the 5th to the 7th of December 2011.

The MAN ProfiDrive® Team counts 104 active trainers worldwide. In the Middle East, MAN ProfiDrive® is represented by the MAN certified trainer Lakshmanan Venkatarasu, who is conducting the driver training for MAN customers in the region. “In the Middle East the drivers often have not been trained in terms of fuel economic driving and safety, but since those two factors become more and more important for logistic and transport companies in the region, we provide a theoretical as well as practical training. The drivers we are training are from different nationalities, therefore we are using a rich visual material to easily reach the training objectives and make sure the drivers understand the content” he states. Beside the dedicated safety and fuel economy training, the drivers and the fleet managers get a detailed product introduction with each handover in order to understand the vehicle’s features.

Applications for MAN ProfiDrive Trainings