MAN Individual

MAN Individual - customised optional equipment for buses

Special equipment solutions for special passengers

Are you looking for more than to simply transport your passengers, would you like to move them in every sense of the word? Then MAN Individual has the right solution for you, offering a comprehensive range of tailor-made equipment options for your bus interior. Customised product enhancements that go far beyond standard series production serve to add the extra refining touches to the standard equipment available ex-works.

Exceptional style and optimal comfort all around

Turn your MAN bus into the flagship of the road that offers your passengers all the benefits of exceptional style, elegant comfort and innovative technology.

Choose from high-quality VIP seat arrangement or height-adjustable tables with individually engraved motifs. Let your passengers enjoy a relaxing atmosphere provided by comfortable seating and soft ambient lighting. But it doesn't stop there - stylish kitchen facilities and specially equipped sanitary installations with disabled access further add to maximise the comfort on board. A multimedia infotainment system including WLAN, destination display and SAT system, ensures that your passengers are kept well-entertained.

Choose from a range of options to design your vehicle exactly to your specifications. The MAN Individual specialists will help you find the right solution for whatever you have in mind.

Examples of possible customised special equipment options:

Comfortable seat clusters

In order to ensure that even on long journeys your passengers always reach their destination feeling refreshed, there should be no compromise when it comes to quality and comfort. So why not go for absolute top level and fit out your MAN bus with comfortably arranged high-end quality seating options, including practical cup holders, armrests and USB ports for charging mobile devices installed on every seat.

A starry sky worth seeing

The special lighting design with starry sky optics gives the interior of your MAN bus a unique touch. Up to 320 stars per element can be switched on and off via remote control from the driver's seat, with their colour and light intensity being adjustable to individual tastes by means of a selection of various programming options. Stepless dimming of the lighting for overnight journeys and variably selectable colours to match the seating designs are only two of many available choices.Steppless dimming of the lighting The subtle LED ambient lighting thus provides a relaxing atmosphere on board. In addition, the illuminated steps at the entrances and exits and the guide lights in the aisle increase safety while on the move.

Practical storage variations

Expand the already generous space available in the passenger compartment, the on-board kitchen, or even the toilet, with practical storage lockers that can be combined to meet your own specific requirements. In addition to a variety of different designs, the individual elements also offer optional equipment features such as lockers and drawers, roller and sliding doors, as well as built-in electronic appliances such as a coffee machines, convection ovens or fridges. This means you can make optimal use of the storage space in your MAN bus and offer your passengers maximum comfort on their journey.

On-board kitchen - kitchenette version

You don't necessarily need a complete on-board kitchen to offer your passengers that little bit of extra service. Even a kitchenette serves its purpose with flying colours. It has everything you need to offer your passengers hot or cold drinks and small snacks on the move. As well as the usual built-in appliances, there is also a sink and a sausage heater, and the equipment can be modified as required.

On-board kitchen - rear version

Would you like to pamper your passengers with small meals and refreshing beverages when on the move or during an extended break? The rear-end on-board kitchen of your MAN bus is fitted with all the essential appliances you need, from a fridge and a microwave right through to a coffee machine. And in addition to a range of available décors, there is also a wide choice of optional details to round off the service package.

Bathroom and toilet

In order for your passengers to freshen up or use the toilet at any point on their journey, MAN Individual offers a range of different bathroom and toilet equipment for installation directly on board. The expertly created bathroom and toilet concepts, including basin, mirror cabinet, heating, soap dispenser and hand dryer, fulfil the highest hygiene standards.


Your MAN bus can do much more than simply transport passengers from A to B. With the optional passenger information system, your passengers will be kept up to date at all times during their journey, and will be well-entertained throughout the entire trip. Connect your MAN bus to the whole world and allow up to 80 people simultaneous access to high-speed internet via the on-board state-of-the-art WLAN technology. A wide range of innovative multimedia and infotainment solutions are also available, offering you options such as transferring image and video material to the monitors in the passenger compartment directly from a laptop or other mobile device via WLAN. Supplemented by a sophisticated sound system and satellite TV reception, every journey becomes a sheer pleasure.