Germany drives MAN

Germany’s national men’s and women’s football teams as well as the U21 next-generation players enjoy travelling to their games in comfort in the MAN Lion’s Coach team bus.

MAN Lion’s Coach team bus for the German national team
German Football Association

German Football Association

Vehicle: MAN Lion's Coach
Intended use: Team bus
Completion: March 2019

Power for performance: The German national football team has been travelling on a premium bus from MAN since March 2019. The MAN Lion’s Coach with its 500 hp engine and 13.4 metres in length configured at the Bus Modification Center in Plauen is one of a kind – it combines innovative comfort, driving dynamics and efficiency with the emotive quality of a team bus.

The equipment, which was conceptualised down to the smallest detail by the engineers and designers, integrates both the travel requirements of the top athletes and the equally important identity of the team. In addition to featuring the team logo, each of the ergonomic seats in dark leather allows individual positioning thanks to flexibly adjustable headrests. Opposite facing comfort seats offer both room for meetings before or after the game as well as for personal conversations. The modern catering area features a refrigerator and coffee bar.

The exterior is mostly clear white with black-red-gold shading and the logo of the German Football Association. The logo is also used in the interior as a signature element on the seats, tables and at the entrance.


Modern multimedia equipment on board offers the players top-quality entertainment. Premium Wi-Fi, LTE reception, media servers, LCD monitors in the rear, a sound system with additional loudspeakers and subwoofers, HDMI port and USB sockets enable reliable communication and offer outstanding video and audio quality.

MAN is also top of the class when it comes to safety: numerous assistance systems such as six cameras for monitoring the surroundings, the emergency brake assistant (EBA), lane guard system (LGS), the electronic stability program (ESP), the rain-light sensor, MAN AttentionGuard and the adaptive cruise control all contribute to the driving performance.

Ergonomic leather seats with flexibly adjustable headrests and the DFB team logo. Opposite facing comfort seats offer room for meetings and personal conversations in the MAN Lion’s Coach team bus. Rear view of the MAN Lion’s Coach team buses