MAN Lion's City Hybrid convinces Parisian transport company

RATP orders 15 MAN city buses with innovative hybrid drive

The Parisian transport company RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) has ordered 15 MAN Lion's City Hybrid buses. With its order for this technologically pioneering vehicle from MAN, RATP is acquiring what is currently the most efficient city bus available in terms of CO2 emission. The MAN Lion's City Hybrid stores the energy released on braking in so-called ultracaps and transforms it into power for its two electric drive motors. Finely tuned energy management controls the energy flow and switches the diesel engine off when it is in overrun, for example, or when the vehicle is stationary. The hybrid city bus emits no exhaust gases at bus stops and can pull away noiselessly under purely electrical power. In this way, the low-floor bus with its serial hybrid drive saves up to 30% on fuel and thus CO2 relative to a comparable diesel-powered bus.

The MAN Lion's City Hybrid has been operating on various lines in the French capital since as far back as 2011 in the framework of a field trial. The fuel savings achieved and the high degree of reliability exhibited by the hybrid drive were decisive for RATP's order of 15 MAN Lion's City Hybrid buses.

RATP is one of the largest operator of city buses in Europe, with a fleet totalling around 4,300 vehicles. These currently include 550 MAN Lion’s City buses.