Redefining the meaning of economic efficiency: The new MAN Lion’s City

The new MAN Lion’s City redefines the meaning of economic efficiency

Modern lighting technology

The full LED front and rear lights not only shine with a new and modern design but also increase safety in scheduled urban transport and reduce operating costs thanks to a reduction in electricity consumption and increased service life.

Curtains up for perfection

The newly designed door system with its proven and tested components is extremely safe to operate and low-maintenance. The doors are available as pneumatically or electro-hydraulically powered inward swinging, outward swinging or swing/sliding doors.

Segmented side walls

The side walls of the new MAN Lion’s City are optically divided into glass and plastic surfaces. The three different segments - driver’s windows, passenger windows, and side walls with glass and plastic surfaces - give the window areas a modern and generously dimensioned appearance and can be easily replaced in the event of damage thanks to their plug-in system.

The perfect engine concept

The powerful D15 9 litre engine has an output range from 280 to 360 HP. The concept is simple but promising: one engine version and one exhaust aftertreatment system for all city buses.

New floor design

The floor in the passenger area of the new MAN Lion’s City has no visible weld seams. The weld zones are located on the underside of the floor in the corridor area. This ensures a longer service life for the floor by preventing the ingress of moisture. Furthermore, it adds to the high-quality look and provides a smooth and easy-to-clean floor area.

Innovative bodyshell structure

The new concept for the bodyshell structure allows for a reduction in weight: Thanks to the sandwich construction and the switch to an aluminium roof skeleton, as well as side walls made of highly durable metal and aluminium, the new Lion’s City is lighter than its predecessor.

The perfect flap system

The optimised flap system simplifies maintenance and diagnostic work. All flaps in the new MAN, from side flaps to battery flaps, are easy to access.

Intelligent energy management and reduced Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

Economic perfection - thanks to the new MAN Lion’s City. The completely new MAN Lion’s City bus comes in a fresh design which not only gives it an attractive appearance but is also state-of-the-art in terms of economy, engine technology, driver’s workplace and safety. Everything has been carefully rethought and fits together with perfection. This means that it is precisely tailored to the requirements of modern local public transport services and makes modern urban living even more enjoyable.

New developments for economic perfection

New bodyshell construction with many benefits.

Thanks to its sandwich construction, the new MAN Lion’s City is almost 500 kg lighter than its predecessor. Its optimised accessibility makes maintenance work even easier.

A reduction in weight that pays off twice.

The reduction in weight reduces fuel consumption and allows for an increase in payload. The easy handling also reduces maintenance downtimes.

New D15 engine generation.

The new D15 engine is lighter thanks to its well-balanced design and is even more efficient than its predecessor due to the start-stop system with MAN EfficientHybrid energy management system.

More efficient consumption.

This means reduced fuel consumption and reduced weight, which allows for an increase in passenger capacity.

The new design opens up new possibilities.

The optically divided side walls with glass and plastic surfaces give the new MAN Lion’s City a spacious and modern appearance and are easy to maintain. The three different segments are divided into driver’s windows, passenger windows and side walls with glass and plastic surfaces.

Low TCO - thanks to easy maintenance.

The plug-in system means that the side walls can be quickly replaced in the event of damage. Smaller segments minimise the cost for re-painting as well as downtimes in the workshop, with the added benefit of high spare parts availability. This not only saves you time but also reduces the overall Life Cycle Costing (LCC).

Optimised flap concept.

The optimised flap concept of the new MAN Lion’s City improves accessibility of components and thus facilitates maintenance and diagnostic work.

Perfect flap design.

The flaps, which are now installed on the left rather than on the right, look the same and improve accessibility. This saves you time and costs during service work. The large cooling air section is resistant to dirt, reduces the radiator runtime and lowers fuel consumption.

Cutting-edge light technology.

The full LED front and rear lights have the characteristic MAN design, significantly increase safety in road traffic and reduce operating costs.

Brighter and safer illumination.

Reduced energy consumption means saving fuel. By comparison: The high and low beam settings of the two LED headlights require a total of approximately 120 watts - that’s 2.5 times less than halogen headlights, which use around 300 watts. In addition, they generate a substantially larger illuminated area than that of standard light bulbs and thereby increase safety. The above-average service life of up to 10,000 operating hours also helps to reduce costs.

Newly developed door system.

The newly developed door system provides high operational safety and increases the level of quality. The door systems are available with a range of drive options and opening mechanisms.

Safe operation and low maintenance.

Thanks to the robust, extensive and wear- and maintenance-free components, the new door system is extremely safe to operate and requires minimum overall maintenance. Built with robust components, the doors are highly resilient to vandalism. This reduces Life Cycle Costing (LCC).

High-quality corrosion protection.

The floor in the passenger area has no visible weld seams. The welding on the underside of the floor reduces the ingress of moisture and protects the floor against corrosion. The smooth and easy-to-clean floor surface of the new MAN Lion’s City creates a high-quality appearance.

Thanks to invisible weld seams.

The floor is welded on the underside, in the corridor area, using cold welding processes. This makes awkward corners which are difficult to access a thing of the past and cleaning the floor is more efficient and cost effective.

Drive system of the new MAN Lion’s City

The new MAN Lion’s City is equipped with the new D15 engine. It has an impressively clear and simple concept: one engine version and one exhaust gas aftertreatment system for all city buses.

The efficient D15 engine in the new MAN Lion’s City


Perfect for all applications.

With an output range between 280 and 360 HP, the 9 litre engine offers the ideal displacement. The outstanding balance between weight and construction size, as well as output and consumption, make the MAN D15 the ideal solution for mastering the challenges of inner-city traffic.

Intelligent energy management thanks to MAN EfficientHybrid with automatic start-stop system

Efficient start-stop operation

The new MAN Lion’s City is optionally available with MAN EfficientHybrid, an intelligent energy management system. The main component is a robust and wear-free electric motor which is installed between the engine and the gearbox. During coasting or braking operation, the crankcase starter alternator functions as a generator (dynamo) and conversely as a starter motor as well. This means you save more fuel and drivers and passengers travel in greater comfort.

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Engine D1556
Emissions standard Euro 6d
Number of cylinders / Arrangement / Valves per cylinder 6 / In-line / 4
Displacement (l) / Stroke (mm) / Bore (mm) / Compression ratio 9 / 145 / 115 / 21:1
Injection system Common rail
Nominal output (kW/HP)
Internal engine designation
Nominal speed (rpm) 1,800 1,800 1,800
Maximum torque (Nm) 1,200 1,400 1,600
at speed (rpm) 800-1,600 900-1,600 900-1,550
Minimum lower idling speed (rpm) 550 550 550
Engine weight (kg) 1) approx. 900 approx. 900 approx. 900
Oil fill volume without / with oil filter (l) 39 / 40.5 39 / 40.5 39 / 40.5
Oil change interval / cleaning interval DPF (km) 2, 3) up to 80,000 / 750,000 up to 80,000 / 750,000 up to 80,000 / 750,000
Injection pressure / Ignition pressure (bar) up to 2,500 / 230 up to 2,500 / 230 up to 2,500 / 230
Cold start (°C) to -32 to -32 to -32
  1. The engine weight is determined in dry condition at MAN Truck & Bus.
  2. Only with engine oil according to M 3677 specifications.
  3. Under operating conditions which allow for maximum oil change intervals to be calculated with the maintenance calculator, these cleaning intervals for the diesel particulate filter can be reached and may be even longer.
Gearboxes Voith DIWA 6

Wide range of gearbox options

The new MAN Lion’s City is available with a choice of two automatic gearboxes, from Voith or ZF.

  • The Voith DIWA 6 is a 4-speed automatic gearbox with a weight of 367 – 388 kg.
  • The ZF EcoLife Step 3 automatic gearbox has 6 speeds and weighs 379 kg. However you decide, you can rest assured that there are no compromises when it comes to the drive system of the new MAN Lion’s City.

Less weight - thanks to special construction

Less weight thanks to special new bodyshell construction

The sandwich construction reduces and optimises the mass of the new MAN Lion’s City bus. Thanks to the aluminium roof module as well as the frame and skeleton constructed of highly durable steel and aluminium, it was possible to reduce the weight by almost 500 kg.

For you, this weight reduction means fuel savings and increased payload. The simple handling of the modules also reduces maintenance downtime.

Perfect efficiency

The efficient city bus generation from MAN provides reduced consumption and lower costs

The new MAN Lion’s City is the most efficient city bus generation from MAN. This is not simply due to the numerous technical innovations, like the D15 engine with MAN EfficientHybrid or the more economical full LED headlights.

The enhanced styling with modern materials and easy-to-repair components also contribute to the increase in efficiency and the subsequent reduction in consumption of the new MAN Lion’s City.

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