Redefining the meaning of design. The new MAN Lion’s City

The new interior design of the Lion’s City 2018

A friendly interior. Flexible configuration options.

Modern design and an innovative mounting system make it possible: The new MAN Lion’s City turns heads! The new design concept creates a modern look and adds aesthetic value to the image of any city. The new interior invites passengers into a spacious and friendly atmosphere which impresses with its intelligent ergonomic design and comfort.

Brand new passenger area

Indirect LED lighting in the passenger area of the new MAN Lion’s City

LED ambient lighting

The new MAN Lion's City features indirect LED lighting in the passenger area. The light from the LED ambient lighting can be dimmed and, just like natural light, it comes from directly above. This means that the ceiling is completely illuminated in a pleasant and warm light in which passengers feel safe and comfortable.

Modern colour scheme in the new MAN Lion’s City

Modern colour scheme

The colour scheme of the new MAN Lion’s City creates a pleasant and clean feel, for ultimate passenger comfort. In the lower part, a dark colour scheme is purposefully deployed to ensure that areas which are more prone to attract dirt retain an attractive appearance for longer. In the area above the side panelling, lighter colours are used to create a bright, friendly and spacious atmosphere in the passenger area.

Innovative seat mounting concept in the new MAN Lion’s City

Seats and folding seats

The new MAN Lion’s City features a total of four different seat designs with various options for padding and seat covers. The innovative mounting system offers extremely flexible seating arrangements and facilitates cleaning and maintenance. A variety of integrable folding seats provide additional flexibility in terms of passenger capacity. The clean design concept ensures a consistent appearance across all variants.

Handrail concept in the new MAN Lion’s City

Hand rail concept

The handrail concept in the new MAN Lion’s City was completely revised, in terms of material selection as well as ergonomic design and mounting. The handrails blend perfectly into the design of the passenger area and are easy to reach thanks to their arrangement at various heights. In addition, their revised shape and material properties offer passengers even more comfort.

Design your MAN Lion’s City

With our MAN Bus Designer you can now individually configure the passenger area of your coach and design the exterior. Try out different fabrics and colour combinations. You decide what you want your dream design to look like!

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