Electrifying the future – the new MAN Lion's City E

The bus stop stays clean thanks to the electric drive

Sustainable mobility – redefined

As the inventor of the diesel engine, MAN has been providing inspiration for the transport world of tomorrow for over 75 years. In keeping with this tradition, MAN is now also setting new standards in the eMobility sector, with the forward-looking MAN Lion's City E. The electric design makes it clear from the first glimpse: here comes the future of local public transport – quiet, efficient and, with one drive, 100% free from pollutant emissions. Discover the all-electric answer to the urgent questions surrounding a better quality of life in the cities.

Innovative technology for people and nature

It's good when visionary ideas can be based on a solid foundation. The MAN Lion's City E uses the same reliable vehicle platform as the diesel and gas-fuelled bus versions. But everything else is new. From a powerful central engine to future-proof cell technology and sophisticated depot charging, with this bus you will experience a sustainable drive concept full of innovations for a clean environment. Come on in.

Bus driver at an electric charging station

Impresses even from the first metre

With the new MAN Lion's City E, efficiency is a top priority. The permanently activated synchronous generator provides a continuous output of 160 kW and a peak output of up to 270 kW for an impressive performance. Forward-thinking and practical implementation: the new central engine is easily accessible and easy to maintain, as it is less complex than engines positioned near the wheels.

Full batteries for maximum power

A powerhouse for strong performance

With 480 kWh (solo bus) or 640 kWh (articulated bus), the MAN Lion's City E always has enough energy. The battery system is installed on the roof, resulting in optimum crash safety and more space in the interior. Proven cell and battery technology ensures the bus has a reliable range over the entire life of the battery. Depot charging enables fast charging overnight – and via CCS connector while out on the roads!

Technical data

Drive/engine 160 kW continuous output
270 kW peak output
Heating/air conditioning High-voltage heaters with a combined 30 kW heating power
Option: additional heater (diesel or ethanol)
Air-conditioning system with heat pump
Passenger capacity 90 passengers
Equipment No engine tower, complete row of seats in the rear
Charging system Charging via Combo 2 connector (CCS)
Charging capacity Up to 150 kW (DC)
Range 200 km, reliably
270 km, under favourable operating conditions 1)
Battery Modular battery system with six (solo bus) or eight (articulated bus) battery packs
Battery module: 30 cell modules each, lithium-ion, NMC,
Installation location: 6/8 units on the roof (12 m bus/18 m bus)
Battery capacity For 12 m version: 480 kWh (6 batteries)
For 18 m version: 640 kWh (8 batteries)
  1. Low demands on usage at average speeds and with ordinary loading, topography and air conditioning
E-mobility for a zero-emission city

0% emissions = 100% environmentally friendly

Avoiding the use of fossil fuels in the drive technology protects both resources and the environment. The all-electric MAN Lion's City E not only impresses thanks to its visionary drive, which is entirely without pollutant emissions, it also generates virtually no noise. This means the cities' inhabitants are not only free to breathe more easily, but also to listen attentively.

Charging station for electrically-driven commercial vehicles

Well equipped for the future

To ensure maximum battery life, the lithium-ion batteries with active water cooling are kept at a constant and comfortable 25°C. Thanks to its modular battery system, the Lion's City E can always be upgraded. That way, it will be ready to handle the cell technologies of the future reliably too.

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