More concrete pays off

Payload advantage provided by the lightweight MAN TGS 32.400 mobile mixer chassis

MAN TGS 32.400 mobile mixer chassis

The calculation is simple: if you deliver more concrete per day, you increase sales and profit. This is achieved, not with faster round-trip times, but with an increase of approx. 0.5 m³ per load on each round-trip.

The permissible weight for four-axle vehicles in Germany is 32 tonnes. Concrete is a heavy cargo - normally calculated at approx. 2.35 tonnes per cubic metre. Vehicles with a drum capacity of 9 m³ are widespread among concrete transport companies in Germany and, in line with this, may be loaded with around 7 to 7.5 m³ of concrete. The greater the payload the chassis provides, the more concrete can be charged into the drum. The four-axle MAN TGS 32.400 8x4 BB is specially designed for this purpose – with no compromise made in terms of driver and passenger, economy and suitability for the industry. It manages around 8 m³ of concrete with the same sized drum. Result of the calculation: Based on 9 round-trips a day, a MAN mobile mixer chassis with optimized payload allows an additional 10 tonnes of concrete to be delivered.

The four-axle MAN TGS 32.400 meets the requirements of the industry perfectly. It provides a weight optimized frame made of high-strength steel, a light-weight but powerful 400 HP engine from the D26 CommonRail series combined with the MAN TipMatic automated gearbox and a wheelbase of 2505 mm between the second and third axles ensuring compact vehicle dimensions and optimal manoeuvrability both in traffic and on the construction site. It also includes a uniform set of tyres in 315/80 R 22.5 format all round on aluminium rims, tanks for 300 litres of diesel and 35 litres of AdBlue, a spacious and clearly arranged M cab and a partially raised Euro 6 exhaust system behind the cab. This arrangement reduces dust circulation on the construction site caused by the exhaust gas stream. The chassis therefore has an empty weight of around 9360 kilogrammes with an empty tanks for fuel and water.

The payload remains at exactly 8 m³ of concrete in each case for manufacturers of the truck mixer body and tank filled with diesel, AdBlue and 300 litres of water - both designed for 9 m³ - plus the driver, in order to comply with the gross permissible weight of 32 tonnes.

The idle speed driving function included in the MAN TipMatic gearbox uses the high torque of the engine at low speeds, providing greater comfort when driving slowly and allowing for greater fuel-savings.

Following the bauma trade fair in 2016, the overall weight of the TGS 32.400 8x4 BB will improve again for the better: MAN will introduce a light-weight double hypoid axle with a load capacity of 11,5 tons which further increases payload by ca. 180 kilogrammes compared to the standard hypoid axle which has a load capacity of 13 tons.

This MAN chassis is also available as a right-hand drive. In markets which do not have a stipulated maximum permissible gross weight of 32 tonnes, the vehicle weighing up to 34 tonnes is approved.