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The specialist for the inner city: MAN Lion's City M

The specialist for the inner city: MAN Lion's City M

  • Lion's City Midi: agile city bus with a length of 10.5 metres
  • 250- or 290-hp EEV-compliant engine
  • Engine downsizing enables low unladen weight and capacity for 83 passengers

Modern metropolis or historic Old Town? In the latter case, the requirements that have to be met by the optimal city bus are defined by narrow roads, tight corners and one-way streets. For conditions like these, MAN has a specialist: the Lion's City Midi as a complete bus, as well as corresponding Midi chassis for builders of bus bodies.

The short wheelbase (4.39 metres) of the Lion's City M enables the extremely small turning circle of around 18 metres. Its compact external dimensions mean that it can also be efficiently operated in dense traffic. Despite this, the midibus carries up to 83 passengers. It is fitted with either two or three doors, making it easy for passengers to enter and exit quickly, for example during the rush hour. At 2.50 metres, the vehicle is exactly as wide as the other buses in the low-floor range.

MAN offers the Lion's City M in two- and three-door versions and with engines delivering either 250 or 290 hp. With its wheelbase of 4.39 metres, the Lion's City M midibus is an efficient solution for operation in the inner cities with their narrow roads and high demands in terms of manoeuvrability.

Decisive for navigating narrow streets in heavy traffic is an excellent overview from the driver's workplace: the Lion's City M is equipped with a mirror system that includes integrated wide-angle mirrors, optionally with a halogen spotlight on the vehicle's offside to illuminate the entrance area. The new interface to the vehicle's electronic system FMS 2.0 makes it easy for operators of city buses to integrate their own fleet management systems.

Engine downsizing increases passenger capacity

The Lion's City M is based on the solo vehicle with vertically mounted engine. Thanks to the combination of tower design and particularly light D08 engine with a payload advantage of 500 kilograms (compared with the bigger D20 LUH engine), the three-door vehicle can transport up to 83 passengers. The two-door variant offers a maximum of 29 seats and standing room for 52 passengers, while the three-door variant has a maximum of 22 seats and standing room for 61. Irrespective of the variant: the compact M has nearly the same passenger capacity as a 12-metre bus and is thus a champion when it comes to efficiency.

The Lion's City M is propelled by a vertical D08 engine with a capacity of seven litres and an output of either 250 or 290 hp. As standard, the midibus meets the EEV requirements, currently the strictest there are, using the additive-free MAN PURE DIESEL technology. MAN's common-rail diesel engines combine high levels of efficiency with economical consumption and brisk acceleration. Automated transmission with a gearchange strategy that reacts to the topography gets that power on the road efficiently. There is a choice of ZF EcoLife transmission with TopoDyn or Voith DIWA.5 with SensoTop. The MAN Lion's City is produced in the MAN plant in Starachowice, Poland. Its framework is completely CDP coated and thus offers optimal protection against corrosion.

The weights and dimension of the vehicle

Lion's City M – two-door – 250 hp or 290 hp MAN PURE DIESEL EEV

Maximum 29 seats, standing room for maximum 52 passengers, depending on the interior fittings

Lion's City M EEV – three-door – 250 hp or 290 hp MAN PURE DIESEL EEV

Maximum 22 seats, standing room for maximum 61 passengers, depending on the interior fittings

Length 10,500 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Overall height 2,880 mm
Wheelbase 4,395 mm
Overhang, front 2,700 mm
Overhang, rear 3,405 mm
Angle of approach, front
Angle of approach, rear
Turning circle 18,058 mm
(diameter of outer turning circle)
Standing height, headroom in low-floor area 2,318 mm
Width of aisle, front / rear 900 / 550 mm
Entrance height front / rear 320 / 320 mm
Tank capacity 210 litres
Unladen weight approx. 11,000 kg
Gross vehicle weight 18,000 kg


Type and arrangement Six-cylinder in-line MAN D0836 LOH 62 common-rail diesel engine, EEV compliant, vertically mounted, two-stage turbocharging with intercooling, electronically controlled CRTec® particulate filter with dynamic maintenance-interval indicator based on operation.
Output 184 kW / 250 hp or
213 kW / 290 hp
at 2,300 rpm
Capacity 6,871 cm³
Maximum torque 1,000 Nm / 1,100 Nm
at 1,200 – 1,800 rpm

Steering and suspension

Front axle Rigid MAN VOK-07-B-01 cast tubular axle located by four individual control arms, stabilisers, maintenance-free kingpin and wheel bearings
Rear axle MAN-ZF HU-1330 portal axle with differential offset to left, axle located by longitudinal arms and open wishbone, maintenance free
Braking system Electronically regulated disk brakes with EBS control and electronic lining wear indicator, ABS and ASR integrated, ASR can be deactivated, ESP for Class 2 registration is standard from 2012 on
Secondary brake Retarder integrated into transmission engages before service brake, can also be engaged by means of switch on dashboard, frequent-stop brake system with reduced pressure on drive axle service brake
Suspension ECAS air suspension system (slot-on bellows air suspension with interchangeable bellows, two front, four rear): fully electronically controlled air suspension with displacement sensors, one front, two rear): two sensors, kneeling by 80 mm possible as standard