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The European bus of the future: MAN starting EBSF project with partners in Budapest

Innovative MAN Lion’s City GL articulated bus to commence trial operation in Hungarian capital Budapest as part of European research project "European Bus System of the Future".

In the framework of the European research project "European Bus System of the Future" (EBSF), MAN Truck & Bus has handed over a Lion’s City GL city bus to the Budapest Transport Company. The so-called "EBSF Demonstrator", an articulated bus from MAN with an innovatively designed passenger-friendly interior, will be undergoing several months of trial operation in the Hungarian capital. The objective is to gain insights that will enable the design of more efficient, eco-friendly and attractive urban bus systems in future. The MAN Lion’s City GL will serve an inner-city bus route with a particularly large number of passengers for a period of several months. Accordingly, the 18.75-metre long articulated bus has been designed so that even with a high passenger volume, passenger flow will be rapid and thus ensure short stops. For this reason, the Lion’s City GL has for the first time been fitted with five wide doors, while the passenger compartment has been optimised for a large flow of passengers. Moreover, the arrangement of seating in the forebody has been kept flexible.

Special consideration was given here to the needs of people with restricted capacity in terms of mobility and perception, senior citizens, women and children. With the aid of additional equipment features, passenger information has been further optimised, while passenger comfort and safety have also been improved. The City of Budapest offers the best conditions for testing new local public transport technologies in practice by its complex network of public transports. MAN and the Budapest Transport Company (BKV) are partnered by the Hungarian firm Vultron, which is responsible for the information technology at the bus stops and in the bus itself.

Marking the start of trials of the EBSF demonstrator with the Budapest Transport Authority BKV: Project Manager Franz von Redwitz of MAN Truck & Bus (right) hands over the symbolic key for the MAN Lion's City GL to Gábor Mihálszky, Transport Deputy CEO of BKV Zrt.

Running in trial operation in Budapest: MAN's contribution to the EBSF European Bus System is an MAN Lion's City GL.