Ten years of MAN Lion's City: well-engineered technology and optimal fuel consumption

MAN city buses with Euro 6 engines are extremely economical

MAN Lion's City
Cost effectiveness, reliability and fuel efficiency: The MAN Lion´s City model range is a synonym for those terms.

Economy, reliability and fuel efficiency: the MAN Lion's City range is synonymous with all these. The sales figures speak for themselves: Since the market launch in 2004, around 16,000 buses have been sold to customers worldwide. Just recently, Swedish transport company Keolis ordered 181 MAN Lion's City buses, including 52 hybrid buses. Other recent bulk orders from Germany, Switzerland and Hungary show just how popular MAN city buses are with customers around the world. By introducing Euro 6 technology, which MAN introduced for diesel city buses back in 2011, it has been possible to reduce fuel consumption further. Moreover, bus operators, passengers and drivers alike never cease to be amazed by the vehicles' supreme handling, numerous safety features and comfortable passenger space.

Continual development for greater efficiency

MAN is continually developing the Lion's City bus range so that it can always offer customers an ideal efficient passenger transportation solution for local public transport. New product features introduced in 2012 not only cut fuel consumption but also ensure lower life cycle costs. While driving, the topography-dependent transmission control unit automatically activates the most efficient gear-shifting programme and helps save fuel. Lighter, energy-efficient air conditioning systems reduce power input and vehicle weight. In order to sustain their value, MAN uses cathodic dip painting (CDP) on all bus frameworks. The sidewall segmenting helps minimise repair costs and idle times due to slight impacts or minor accidents.

It has also been possible to further reduce the already low fuel consumption of MAN city buses by three to five percent on average by introducing the Euro 6 emission standard. This is just one reason why Austrian transport company Dr. Richard, one of the first customers of the Lion's City bus range worldwide in 2005, has once again chosen MAN: “After several test runs using Euro 6 buses, MAN impressed both in terms of fuel consumption compared to the previous model and also with regard to their tried and tested technology. The comparatively lower life-cycle costs were ultimately a key factor in our decision. We are now able to draw on the initial experience from regular service with the buses and at this time feel vindicated in the decision we have made” said Mag. Johann Strasser, Technical Director at Dr. Richard.

Focus on active and passive safety

MAN city buses also score highly based on their extensive safety equipment. An anti-lock braking system (ABS), anti-slip control (ASC) and an electronic braking system (EBS) are all fitted as standard. Other standard equipment includes a fire detection system in the engine compartment and highly-effective fire isolation between the engine compartment and passenger area. MAN is also one of the few suppliers offering the electronic stability programme (ESP) as an option for all solo buses in the Lion's City range. When driving emergencies arise, the system's targeted deceleration of individual wheels and automatic engine torque reduction ensure that the bus remains safely in its lane even in critical situations. If required, customers can also enhance the safety of their vehicles with Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM). This permanently monitors the vehicle's tyre pressure and alerts the driver if this falls below the minimum threshold. Furthermore, MAN already meets stringent rollover stability requirements stipulated in regulation ECE-R66.

Comfortable for passengers and drivers

The neat, nicely laid-out passenger area in the MAN Lion's City can be designed to suit individual customer requirements. A well-designed handrail system helps with passenger flow and allows unrestricted access to wheelchair spaces. The MAN Lion's City offers plenty of headroom, ensuring that taller passengers have enough space. Large safety-glass roof hatches provide more natural light, increasing the sense of space. In MAN articulated buses, even greater use is made of natural light with optional translucent bellows.

The driver benefits from the MAN Lion's City too. All the controls are positioned in the cockpit to make them easily accessible, without distracting the driver from what is happening on the road. The entrance to the driver's cabin is wide, offering the driver easy access. There are also plenty of places to put things, ensuring ample storage space.

The vehicles' handles with an impressively high level of directional stability. The MAN Lion's City can be steered with ease and precision through the city traffic thanks to its specially-tuned power steering system. The buses are also very quiet when running.

The right bus for every application

Depending on individual requirements and applications, the MAN Lion's City will have a total length of between 10.5 and 18.75 metres. Whether they are looking for a low-entry, low-floor, solo or articulated bus with a vertical or horizontal engine, customers have an extensive range of models from which to choose. MAN also offers a diverse range of drive types, with diesel, hybrid and natural gas drives ensuring a broad spectrum of engines and technologies.