TIL Group from New Zealand orders heavy-duty MAN TGX and TGS trucks

MAN to deliver 54 Euro 5 semi-trailer tractors and rigid trucks for hazardous goods vehicles and general freight.

Transport Investments Ltd (TIL Group) headquartered in New Plymouth is active in the heavy haulage, container and mixed freight logistics segments. Further areas in which they specialise are the transport of liquefied gas, fuel and hazardous goods as well as large-volume removals. TIL Group operate over eight hundred trucks and around a thousand trailers: due to the long distances in New Zealand, its fleet does approximately forty million kilometres a year.

Part of the order comprises 22 heavy TGS 35.480 8x4 rigid trucks as tankers for the group's hazardous goods division, which focuses on fuels and liquefied natural gas. The division is also acquiring six new TGX 26.480 6x4 tractor units for tanker semi-trailers.

In addition, TIL Group is commissioning 24 TGX 6x4 and 2 TGX 4x2 semi-trailer tractors with engines delivering up to 540 hp for its freight and removals divisions.

The fact that MAN trucks provide excellent driver comfort and fuel economy plus feature a sophisticated ESP safety system (electronic stability program) for entire articulated trains in a wide range of models, was decisive in the award of the order to MAN. For operation at high mileages, TIL Group also appreciated the three-year purchase guarantee on the driveline covering up to 450,000 kilometres.