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Reinforcements for the world's biggest fleet of CNG buses in Ankara

MAN awarded order for 250 articulated CNG buses by transport company EGO-Ankara in Turkey

MAN will deliver 250 MAN Lion's City G buses with CNG drive to the Turkish transport company EGO-Ankara by 2013. These are the first natural-gas-powered articulated buses to go into service in Turkey. 50 of them will be delivered by September 2012. These will be followed by 25 vehicles every month, so that all the buses ordered will be in Ankara by summer 2013. EGO-Ankara also has an option on another 50 buses.

At the beginning of the nineties, EGO-Ankara started converting a large part of its fleet to gas in order to improve the city's air quality. Today, with 1,090 MAN Lion’s Classic vehicles, the company runs the world's biggest fleet of gas-powered buses. The 18-metre long articulated buses that have now been ordered are equipped with four doors and a fold-out ramp for baby carriages and persons in wheelchairs at Door 2. The vehicles have 36 seats and standing room for 116 passengers. They are propelled by the E28 engine, a particularly eco-friendly 310-hp six-cylinder unit powered by natural gas. To take some of the load off the driver, the customer chose the ZF EcoLife six-speed automatic transmission with topography-dependent TopoDyn Life transmission control as standard. A fire-extinguishing system installed in the engine compartment provides the highest safety standard. Nine aluminium gas-storage tanks, each with a capacity of 205 litres, are located on the roof. The buses are being produced in MAN's Turkish plant in Ankara.

MAN is one of the world's leading manufacturers of CNG buses. In the meantime, MAN has delivered more than 5,000 gas-powered buses and bus chassis with gas-powered engines. MAN's share of the European market for these buses has averaged 44 percent over the past eight years. This success is based solidly on MAN's modern natural-gas-powered engines in five output classes from 162 kW (220 hp) to 228 kW (310 hp).