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Red dot design award for the MAN Lion’s City Hybrid

MAN Truck & Bus received the "red dot award: product design 2011" for the MAN Lion's City Hybrid. Not only is this innovative city bus a technical masterpiece with its savings of up to 30 percent in fuel and CO2 - in the opinion of the international panel of judges it is also a stylistic masterpiece.

Urban transport is the ideal sphere of operation for low-floor buses equipped with serial hybrid drive. These solo vehicles of up to 18 tonnes are driven at low average speeds, accelerating no end of times to between 40 and 50 km/h, only to slow down again shortly afterwards for a stop. When they decelerate, conventional buses transform their great kinetic energy to heat: the energy is thus lost. The innovative MAN Lion’s City Hybrid on the other hand recuperates its braking energy and transforms it into drive energy. With its automatic start-stop system, the hybrid bus is able to reduce its fuel consumption and emissions even further. After all, city buses spend 25 to 40 percent of their operating time standing at bus stops or red lights.

Integrating the many hybrid components into the MAN Lion’s City bus was a brand new challenge for MAN's engineers. In order not to restrict the space available for passengers, some of the components were located on the roof of the vehicle. Then the high-performance capacitors used to store energy as well as the energy-management system had to be supplied with cooling air. To this end, MAN's engineers created a new, flow-optimised bus design: in a dynamic curve they extended the A column to a domed front over the roof. This gave them the necessary storage space. Seen from the side, the roof silhouette looks as though it has been cast in one, while a visual linkage in the colour of the vehicle accentuates the contour. This runs towards the rear of the vehicle where it meets a second design element, the "AeroLine" in matt aluminium, which is drawn from the B column to the roof roundings. A rear spoiler with modelled, flow-separation edges makes the components on the roof invisible from behind. The front view of the vehicle stresses the design of the aerodynamically sophisticated cooling-air routing through two characteristically formed air ducts.

The MAN Lion's City Hybrid has been available for order since autumn 2010. Savings of up to 30 percent on fuel and thus CO2 as well as the ability to pull away from bus stops and intersections silently and free of exhaust gases speak volumes about the innovative drive concept. Several transport companies in Germany and other European countries have already decided to operate this hybrid bus.

10th design award for buses from MAN and NEOPLAN

This is already the tenth time in the past decade that MAN and NEOPLAN buses have taken one of the prestigious titles "red dot design award" or "IF design award". The MAN TGX and TGS truck series are also members of the elite group to have won the red dot design award.

Around 1,700 companies from 60 countries with a total of 4,433 products vied for the renowned international design honour this year. The "red dot design award" is an internationally recognised competition; winning an award is highly regarded among experts as the seal of quality for good design. The panel of judges drawn from around the world evaluates the products submitted on the basis of various criteria such as the degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics, symbolic and emotional content and the self-explanatory aspect of the product.