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On the way to a cleaner future

MAN Truck & Bus at Challenge Bibendum 2011 in Berlin

At Challenge Bibendum 2011 in Berlin MAN Truck & Bus is focussing on trucks and buses with efficient diesel, natural-gas and hybrid drives. One of the buses which MAN will bring to the competition for environmentally compatible vehicles is the MAN Lion's City Hybrid Bus.

From vision to reality: at the Challenge Bibendum 2011 in Berlin MAN Truck & Bus is presenting research, development and series vehicles that contribute to sustainable mobility today and in the future. The world's most important competition for environmentally compatible vehicles is taking place for the eleventh time since its inception in 1998. This year, it is being held from May 18 through 22 at the old Tempelhof airport in Berlin. The Challenge Bibendum is organised by the French tyre manufacturer Michelin.

At the Challenge, MAN Truck & Bus will be focussing on trucks and buses with efficient diesel, natural-gas and hybrid drives, which promise a significant reduction in CO2 emission, are particularly low in pollutants and contribute to the protection of natural resources.

The MAN Lion’s City Hybrid is one of the technological highlights in the segment for innovative city buses, bringing greater ecological balance and economy to urban mobility: with its serial hybrid drive, the low-floor bus saves up to 30 percent on diesel and reduces CO2 emission correspondingly. Other benefits are its quietness and freedom from exhaust gases when stationary and when pulling away from bus stops and intersections. While conventional buses lose their braking energy by transforming it into heat, the MAN Lion’s City Hybrid stores that energy in ultracaps, transforming it into power for its two electric drive motors. That makes this new city bus considerably more efficient than the most modern diesel-powered city bus, and just as safe and reliable.

In its TGL Hybrid research vehicle MAN relies on parallel hybrid technology, precisely because this promises a higher degree of efficiency in distribution transport, where larger proportions of the routes are driven at constant speeds. MAN's current calculation shows savings in consumption of up to 15 percent. The intelligence of the system is seated in MAN's hybrid energy management, controlling the energy flow between diesel engine, electric motor, energy storage, driving axle and auxiliary units and optimising the distribution of torque between the diesel engine and the electric motor. Apart from that, power on demand is ensured for operation of the auxiliary units. MAN Truck & Bus sees its core competence in hybrid drives in the field of advanced energy management development. As is the case in the MAN Lion's City Hybrid, it is energy management that ensures the reliable operation of the vehicle and guarantees that the system achieves its maximum efficiency.

City buses made by MAN with natural-gas drives are reliable, economical alternatives for modern local public transport that help combat inner-city air pollution more effectively than ever before and help reduce dependence on oil. Natural gas is an eco-friendly source of primary energy. Extracting, cleaning and transporting the fossil fuel with the lowest carbon content require comparatively little energy. With the help of bio-natural-gas, the operation of CNG buses can be very nearly CO2 neutral. A characteristic of natural gas is that it burns very cleanly by comparison with other fossil fuels, so that gas-powered engines emit low levels of air pollutants such as carbon monoxide (50 percent less than diesel), hydrocarbons (80 percent less), nitrogen oxides (70 percent less) and particulate matter (up to 99 percent less than a diesel engine without a particulate filter). MAN's natural-gas-powered buses use this to their advantage and have for several years - and without complex exhaust-gas treatment systems - already been considerably within the limits laid down by the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle) standard, currently the most stringent in the EU. MAN Truck & Bus can point to the experience of a quarter of a century in natural-gas-powered buses: as far back as 1972, MAN buses with gas-powered engines were shuttling Olympic athletes and spectators to the stadiums in Munich and its environs. In the meantime, MAN has delivered more than 5,000 gas-powered buses and bus chassis with gas-powered engines and is Europe's market leader in this segment.

In its TGX EfficientLine, MAN launched a vehicle on the market at the IAA 2010 whose specifically developed drive technology and a scope of equipment rigorously designed to save fuel demonstrate that today's long-haul transport has the potential to save up to three litres of diesel per hundred kilometres. MAN is breaking new ground with this vehicle - until now, no vehicle manufacturer has implemented the known interrelationships of physics with such consistency in a vehicle. The TGX EfficientLine shows: whoever strives to become more efficient in long-haul transport will have to design their vehicles specifically to reduce driving resistances. The reward for this effort is something to be seen. Given the high annual mileages of trucks in long-haul transport with an average of 150,000 kilometres, a saving of three litres of fuel over a four-year period of use means up to 18,000 litres less. And the environment will be spared the impact of up to 47 tonnes of CO2

The MAN TGX EfficientLine proves it: fuel savings without technically complex measures are possible. The TGX EfficientLine is designed for optimum aerodynamics, no compromises: side cladding is obligatory. A disengageable air compressor – unique amongst commercial vehicles - daytime driving light and a new generation of intarders all contribute to saving energy. Part of the package is training in economical driving, so that the driver will be able to get the most out of the MAN TGX EffcientLine's fuel-saving technology.

At the Challenge Bibendum, the environmentally friendly and efficient buses and trucks from MAN will be available for test drives at the Ride & Drive stations and will also be comprehensively presented on the innovation platform. On May 19, MAN will be taking part in the big parade of vehicles to the Brandenburg Gate. MAN's experts will be at Stand F11 where they will be happy to hold discussions with interested parties.