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New partnership: MAN chooses TÜV SÜD for the assessment of its buy-back and leasing vehicles

Complete and independent transparency for buy-back and leasing returns

MAN has chosen an independent institution, for the assessment of its leasing returns and as such is set to forge a partnership with TÜV SÜD. From 2015, this expert organisation will support the entire return line of MAN vehicles from buy-back contracts, leasing returns and traded-in trucks and buses around the world.

The new service agreement covers the processing of all vehicle returns across 21 countries, from Norway in the far north to South Africa in the far south, Portugal in the west and as far as Turkey in the east. The process, covering areas such as collection protocol and valuation, continuous reporting and provision of all data on MAN's TopUsed used vehicle portal, has been standardised internationally.

Customers working internationally can therefore rely on a uniform quality standard in all countries, and receive a vehicle assessment carried out by a neutral institution. This guarantees a high level of transparency, which helps to achieve a high level of acceptance for the assessment results.

With this service partnership, MAN has chosen a returns management system that is uniform at an international level, and which guarantees high quality, cost and time savings through standardised processes. Thanks to this quicker, uniform process, MAN will be able to market its used vehicles more efficiently and optimise its sales. The quality management system provided by TÜV SÜD for the vehicle returns process will also be standardised across all countries.