Multi-axle MAN keeps heavy loads rolling

Five-axle MAN TGX enables a semitrailer load of 30.3 tonnes. Qualified conversion partners complement the wide range of MAN vehicles

The MAN TGX 41.540 10x4-6 BLS is the result of cooperation with a conversion partner qualified by MAN Nutzfahrzeuge. The five-axle vehicle will be operated in heavy-duty long-distance transport. The basis for the conversion is a four-axle semitrailer tractor with heavy-duty frame, which was given a steered, air-sprung lifting MAN trailing axle by the firm of ESTEPE in the Netherlands. Distributing the load over five axles increases the permitted load of the semitrailer to 30,305 kilograms. This means that the semitrailer tractor can be registered in Germany with a gross vehicle weight of 44 tonnes: 9 tonnes on the front axle, 7.5 tonnes on the steered leading axle, a maximum of 13 tonnes (technically permissible) on each of the two driven rear axles and 9 tonnes on the trailing axle with its single tyres. The first of these vehicles was built to order for the Belgian firm Faymonville, which manufactures semitrailers and flatbed trailers for the specialist haulage industry. The firm operates this highly manoeuvrable multi-axle MAN in its rental fleet, Renting Car-WTS. The flagship of the heavy-duty transport range, the MAN TGX 41.680, can also be converted to five axles.

MAN offers a complete service for special chassis

Some transport tasks are simply out of the ordinary and necessitate modified vehicles tailored to the individual requirements of the customer and to the intended operation. The list of requirements can include modifications to the cab, chassis, drive train and electronics. The basis is always an MAN series vehicle, because the demands on a commercial vehicle in terms of driving comfort and safety are extremely high. In this way the vehicle manufacturer MAN offers its customers individual solutions for their transport tasks and comprehensive service from a single source.