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Major orders for MAN

Trucks and buses ordered worldwide

MAN has secured a number of major orders. Whatever the country - France, Germany, Israel, Egypt or Singapore - its customers around the world appreciate the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of MAN products.

Orders for MAN trucks

  • South Africa: Barloworld Transport Solutions (BWTS) and its subsidiary, Manline, have signed a contract with MAN Truck & Bus South Africa for the supply of 215 semitrailer tractors MAN TGS 26.440 6x4 to be introduced into the BWTS and Manline fleets during the course of the year. 32 of the new units will be used to expand the BWTS and Manline fleets whilst 183 will be employed to replace vehicles being taken out of service. Building on a partnership that stretches back to 1998, Manline and MAN Truck & Bus South Africa have established a close-knit relationship that provided the basis for the tractor truck deal, which is MAN’s biggest ever single order in the company’s 52-year history in South Africa.

  • Romania: MHS Truck & Bus, MAN’s general importer in Romania, has received an order for 60 trucks from Dumagas Transport. 56 MAN TGX 18.440 4x2 BLS semitrailer tractors have already been delivered. The MAN Euro 6 semitrailer tractors, which will be used by Dumagas for fleet expansion, are designed with long-distance journeys in mind and are fitted with the EfficientLine package to optimise fuel consumption. They also come equipped with the TeleMatics system which brings transparency to fuel consumption monitoring and fleet management. Dumagas Transport has one of the largest fleets of trucks in Romania.

  • Germany: Independent car hire companies have bought around 850 new TGL units in 2014 for fleet replacement. These 7.5 and 12 tonne trucks are typically used for removals or trade fairs. The MAN TGL units are particularly popular with hire companies due to their reliability and ease of use. If vehicles driven by third party private or commercial users are damaged, this often means a loss of earnings.

  • Egypt: Petroleum Arrows, Egypt’s state-owned fuel logistics company, is modernising its fleet with 300 MAN TGS 33.400 6x4 semitrailer trucks. The company supplies fuel to the whole of Egypt and has had MAN units in its fleet for decades. Gorica, a MAN importer in Egypt, also manufacturers truck bodies and supplies the 30,000-litre capacity tanker semitrailers the units require. The new MAN TGS units are equipped with state-of-the-art safety functions: The ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) also governs the brakes on the tanker semitrailer. The 400 horsepower, 33-tonne units are fitted with a speed limiting device that limits them to 80 km/h and cruise control which takes the pressure off the driver during long journeys. The trucks are leaf-strung and designed to be robust enough to cope with the toughest conditions. Their special refrigeration units can operate in external temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. Two rear-drive axles ensure traction is maintained even on loose ground; the trucks also have differential locks. The tractors are licensed for use with gross trailer weights of 70 tonnes. Stop and go traffic in cities increases pollution. Special dust/pollen filters filter the air entering the cabin.

Orders for MAN buses

  • France: The Parisian public transport company RATP, the fifth largest provider of public transport services in the world, has bought 103 MAN Lion’s City buses to expand its fleet. The orders cover 50 hybrid and 53 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses. The volume of the order is around 30 million Euros. The units are expected to be delivered in 2015. The units have particularly high seating and standing capacities of around 100 persons. The efficient MAN buses impress with their exceptionally low fuel consumption and low emissions. This enables the MAN Lion´s City hybrid to reduce diesel costs and CO2 emissions by up to 30 percent. Another advantage is reduced noise: When pulling away from a stop, the bus moves fully electrically. The diesel engine doesn't cut in until after a few hundred metres. MAN Lion´s City CNG is a vehicle that RATP can depend on due to the decades of experience MAN has with compressed natural gas (CNG) buses. Using concentrated biogas, the buses can be operated as CO2-neutral. Due to the very smooth fuel combustion, CNG buses are especially quiet when under way. MAN Truck & Bus and RATP have been doing business together since 2002. RATP currently operates around 750 MAN city buses in the French capital.

  • Israel: The Israeli bus company DAN Company for Public Transportation Ltd. (DAN) has ordered a total of 246 MAN bus chassis for public transport in Tel Aviv. 166 units have already been delivered. The 80 vehicles covered by the follow-up order will be delivered between November 2014 and February 2015. MAN’s Low Entry Chassis are fitted with 320-horsepower D20, Euro 6 engines. The bodies are produced locally in Israel – DAN and MAN Truck & Bus have been doing business together for over 30 years.

  • Bulgaria: MAN has received an order from the City of Sofia for 126 Lion’s City G CNG type articulated buses. These buses run on natural gas and will be used for public transport. The first 20 buses have already been handed over. These city buses for Sofia are powered by 310 HP, 6-cylinder natural gas, Euro 6 engines. When filled up with biogas or e-gas, the articulated bus is virtually carbon neutral, offering emission levels comparable to that of fully electric vehicles. The natural gas drive is an alternative to the conventional diesel drive and significantly undershoots the current stringent emission standard without the need for any additional filter technology or operating media. MAN's position as market leader in this sector is backed up by decades of experience with natural gas buses. The buses are also fitted with a four-step six-speed automatic gearbox with built-in retarder. The 18-metre long Lion’s City G CNG seats up to 150 passengers comfortably. The air-conditioning system with 33kW cooling capacity ensures comfortable temperature control on warmer days.

  • Germany: DB Regio Bus and MAN Truck & Bus have signed a framework agreement concerning up to 815 local and regional buses. Accordingly, Germany's largest bus transport company will be ordering up to 435 city and intercity buses worth around Euro 100 million in 2015 and 2016. For 2017 and 2018, DB Regio Bus has an option for a further 380 vehicles worth around Euro 90 million. The framework agreement concerns especially modern city and intercity buses of the MAN Lion's City, MAN Lion's City Ü and MAN Lion's City G/GÜ types in various vehicle lengths and in easy access, low-floor versions. All vehicles are equipped with powerful, fuel-saving Euro 6 diesel engines. The buses also feature topography-dependent gearbox control, which further reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. On journeys, this system automatically activates the most efficient gearshift programme, depending on whether it is on an uphill or downhill stretch.

    MAN Truck & Bus and Deutsche Bahn have been doing business together for several decades. Across Germany, Deutsche Bahn uses around 2,000 vehicles made by MAN and NEOPLAN.

  • Singapore: The South-East Asian transport company Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) is modernising its fleet with 372 bus chassis from MAN. The vehicles will be used for public transport in Singapore. They will be on the roads by the end of 2016. The order consists of 332 12-metre long, low-floor vehicles and 40 18-metre long, articulated bus chassis. This is MAN’s second order from SMRT since 2011. The company bought more than 730 MAN bus chassis in its first order; MAN buses account for a large part of SMRT’s fleet.
    MAN’s low-floor chassis, with step-free entry, are particularly suitable for municipal bus transport. The air suspension on the front and rear axles guarantees a comfortable ride for all passengers and the kneeling function ensures that passengers can get on and off at stops quickly and conveniently. MAN’s Common Rail engines, offering 320 or 360 HP, meet the EURO 5 emission standard and can be combined perfectly with Voith and ZF automatic gearboxes. SMRT is Singapore’s leading multimodal transport provider with a fleet of 1,200 buses which ensure safe and reliable passenger transport in the South-East Asian island state.

  • Ecuador: MAN Latin America is to supply 46 new buses with a Volkswagen chassis to the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil. The “José Joaquin de Olmedo” fleet will be the first to have the Volksbus 17.210 OD and 17.230 EOD models. The package negotiated with the supplier includes an exclusive service contract for the new buses and special driver and mechanic training. The ”José Joaquin de Olmedo” cooperative is currently the largest bus company in Guayaquil with around 100 buses. The “Gran Colombia” and “Pascoales” cooperatives will be the next to receive the new Volksbus vehicles.