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MAN tests long truck

MAN is participating in the long-truck field trials being conducted all over Germany

Since the beginning of October, a 25.25-metre long MAN road train has been shuttling between the MAN Logistics Centers Dachau and Salzgitter, transporting spare parts for trucks and buses. MAN is deploying a long truck on this nearly 600 kilometre stretch in order to study the traffic, commercial and environmental impact of longer vehicle combinations in the transport of goods by road.

The loading volume offered by the long truck is approximately 40 percent more than that of a conventional road train, and this without increasing the permitted gross weight of 40 tonnes. Because two long trucks can transport as much as three conventional road trains, fuel can be saved and CO2 emission reduced. Moreover, the long truck also reduces the amount of traffic and helps to take some of the strain off the road infrastructure thanks to a more favourable distribution of the vehicle's weight over a greater number of axles.

MAN's long truck comprises a three-axle truck chassis with a swap body, a dolly (i.e. a trailer with a fifth-wheel coupling) and a conventional semi-trailer. The 440-hp MAN TGX is equipped with all the safety systems currently available: in addition to ABS and electronic stability program (ESP), adaptive cruise control, the LaneGuard and continuous damping control systems (CDC) are all on board.

This long truck provided by MAN is being operated by hauliers Große-Vehne, headquartered in Marsberg (North Rhine-Westphalia). The driver was specially trained for the job beforehand by instructors from MAN ProfiDrive.