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MAN starting "Consistently Efficient" Tour 2011

In a 10,000-kilometre tour right around Europe, MAN Truck & Bus will demonstrate how much fuel and CO2 can easily be saved in goods transport by road. A blog will accompany every stage of the tour, transparently showing routes and consumption and providing information on further possible improvements in transport efficiency.

A strong economy is based on smoothly functioning mobility. The truck plays a central role in goods transport. In order to protect valuable energy resources as well as the climate, commercial vehicles have to operate in a manner that saves as much fuel as possible. One look at the road shows us that trucks could be more efficient, because they can be seen travelling at their top speeds and with attachments that unnecessarily increase drag, for example. As one of the world's leading manufacturers, MAN Truck & Bus wants to makes its contribution to the continued improvement of transport efficiency. For this reason, the company is informing truck operators and drivers how to utilise fuel-saving potentials to the maximum. With its "Consistently Efficient" Tour 2011 through a total of 20 major European cities, MAN is demonstrating that even today, significant amounts of fuel and CO2 can be saved by trucks that are particularly efficiently equipped.

On May 16, 2011 two MAN TGX EfficientLine semi-trailer tractors and a reference vehicle will be starting on a 10,000-kilometre tour of Europe. The trucks will be stopping at 20 MAN Centers in ten different countries, where MAN's efficiency experts will offer comprehensive advice on saving fuel to customers and interested parties. Strikingly designed trailers will transport the message and draw attention to the "Consistently Efficient" Tour 2011 on the road.

An outstandingly efficient commercial vehicle does not come about by simply putting together a combination of individual technical components, for example an economical engine plus an automatic gearbox. It is far more a matter requiring the optimisation of all the influencing factors. The aerodynamic characteristics of the tractor are decisively influenced by the trailer, while optimised tyres reduce rolling resistance on both tractor and trailer. This is why MAN Truck & Bus has started this information campaign together with its partners in the fields of fuels and lubricants (Castrol), semi-trailers (Kögel), tyres (Michelin) as well as drivetrain and suspension components (ZF). A well-trained driver can make an enormous contribution to saving fuel. To this end, professional driving instructors from MAN ProfiDrive® are accompanying the Tour.

Every stage of the "Consistently Efficient" Tour will also be blogged. The routes, altitude profiles and consumption values of all the vehicles will be shown transparently at In order to ascertain the consumption values accurately and verifiably, the three trucks have already travelled the identical route, fully laden and under completely realistic conditions. This measurement run was overseen by TÜV Süd (Technical Control Board), while the MAN TeleMatics® system provided a clear overview of the vehicle data. Fuel consumption was permanently monitored by means of fuel consumption gauges and verified when the tanks were refilled.