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MAN shows new six-cylinder gas-powered engine at the BioEnergy 2012 exhibition

In its E2676 LE202, MAN is presenting a completely new development of its six-cylinder gas-powered motor with an output of 220 kW at the BioEnergy. Customers benefit from a sophisticated, robust base engine based on the series-production technology of the diesel truck engine.

The E2676 LE202 is designed as a gas-powered four-stroke SI engine with six cylinders in line, their 126-mm bore and 166-mm stroke resulting in a capacity of 12.4 litres. It delivers 220 kWmech. at 1,500 rpm (50 Hz). The E2676 LE202 convinces with high degrees of efficiency - its mechanical efficiency is more than 40 percent and its thermal efficiency more than 50 percent. This gas-powered engine complies with current emission limits, being designed in accordance with the rigorous guidelines laid down by the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control.

Large number of customer benefits

The E2676 LE202 gas-powered engine from MAN is based on a completely newly developed engine block with a single-part four-valve cylinder head. For many years, the base engine has been installed as the diesel power unit of choice in MAN trucks. The efficient D2676 diesel engine is distinguished by its constant load profile and low operating costs, above all in long-distance transport. The high level of efficiency attained by MAN engines is confirmed yet again by the newly developed six-cylinder gas-powered engine: thanks to the reduction of pressure losses in the cooling circuit of the E2676 LE202, it was possible to decrease the size of the external engine-coolant pump, thus increasing the system's overall efficiency. "The combination of four-valve technology and a new combustion-chamber geometry increases the specific power output, optimises economy and reduces emissions," says Reiner Roessner, Vice President and Head of Sales, MAN Engines.

Wide range of use

In accordance with MAN's minimum requirements as regards gas quality, it is possible to use natural gases at a compression ratio of 12.5:1 as well as special gases at 14:1. The E2676 LE202 engine was designed especially for decentralised, continuous power (COP) supply and optimised for operation with natural and special gas. Powered by natural gas, it enables a wide range of possible uses in combined heat/power generation, for example for swimming pools, hospitals and housing complexes. In the area of special gases, the operational spectrum of the E2676 LE202 ranges from agricultural biogas systems to waste-disposal sites to water treatment plants.

E2676 LE202 at the BioEnergy 2012 exhibition

From November 13 through 16, 2012, MAN will be displaying a six-cylinder E2676 LE202 at Stand 21, Hall F10 at the BioEnergy exhibition. The natural-gas or biogas variant can be delivered from the fourth quarter of 2013 on.

MAN's range of gas-powered engines for CHP plants

MAN offers low-pollutant gas-powered engines for operation in CHP plants, with outputs ranging from 37 kW to 550 kW at 1,500 rpm for 50-Hz applications powered by natural gas and from 68 kW to 550 kW for biogas versions. Five series with a total of 19 gas-powered engines are available. The MAN engines were especially developed to run on natural gas or biogas and are outstanding for their unbeatable reliability and highest energy efficiency. Thanks to their optimal combustion process they achieve top overall efficiency levels of more than ninety percent. MAN gas-powered engines have long proven themselves, combining robustness with long service lives at peak loads and in continuous operation in agricultural and municipal deployment, in hotels and hospitals and many other branches of industry. Lengthy maintenance intervals and long service lives mean low total cost of ownership (TCO).