MAN rocks at the GTI Meeting by the Wörthersee

The unique MAN TGX D38 model "100 Years" was a special guest, demonstrating its 560 hp on the drift area

MAN TGX D38 100 years at the GTI Meeting by the Wörthersee

The event is a cult and an obligatory gathering for real fans of the Volkswagen brand - for the 34th time, the legendary GTI Meeting took place by Lake Wörthersee in Austria on the weekend of 13 to 16 May. From all over Europe, proud owners of lovingly cared-for, upgraded or restored cars flocked to Carinthia in Austria to exhibit their magnificent vehicles and celebrate their brand.

Some time ago, this high mass for VW fans burst the boundaries of the GTI cosmos, also attracting drivers of other high-powered brands and models created by the Wolfsburg-based group. At the 34th edition of the GTI Meeting, there was a very special premiere. The official part of the event program included two "100 Years" MAN TGX D38 trucks, whose dimensions were naturally strikingly different from the norm. In fact, their 560 hp and 2700 Nm torque called for 15.2 liters displacement and 6 cylinders.

One of the trucks with the characteristic flaming lion on its cab was presented directly on the other side of the water on the VW stand. With a second truck, likewise a standard "100 Years" model, the MAN crew catered for smoking tires on the so-called "Rubber Square", an area near the main road where the fans traditionally leave piles of rubber lying on the tarmac.

After performing several donuts and burnouts, the MAN crew took the opportunity to also promote co-operation with truckers on a partnership basis under daily traffic conditions among "GTI spectators". Have a good trip!

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