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MAN presents the evolution in the heavy-truck series – the new TGX and TGS

MAN presents the evolution in the heavy-truck series – the new TGX and TGS

  • New MAN TGX and TGS offer maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness even with Euro VI
  • Proven technologies - sensibly combined and optimally coordinated with each other
  • New design improves aerodynamic properties and saves fuel
  • Radio / navigation equipment MAN Media Truck Advanced for first-class entertainment and routing
  • MAN TeleMatics® VDA 2 optimises consumption and operating costs

In 2007, MAN Truck & Bus set a milestone for reliable, powerful and consistently efficient transport solutions with their presentation of two new heavy truck series – marking the birth of MAN TGX and TGS. Since their market launch, both series have become reliable partners to the transport industry and it would be hard to imagine the roads without them - from Munich to Moscow or from Sevilla all the way to São Paulo. Customers all over the world are full of praise for the outstanding features offered by these successful series, including their economical efficiency and low total cost of ownership (TCO), while drivers all over the world are taken with their excellent handling and generous interiors. Even the international trade press was smitten and honoured both series with a number of awards. To quote just one example, they were voted "Truck of the Year 2008" by a jury of experts. Additionally, independent tests conducted by renowned trade journals have attested both the TGX and the TGS top marks for their fuel consumption, comfort, safety, range of models and selection of cabs. The sales figures confirm this impressive success story: since 2007 nearly 200,000 TGX and TGS have rolled off the assembly line.

Building on this seasoned and matured concept, MAN Truck & Bus will be presenting the new TG vehicles at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012 in Hanover which are destined to inaugurate a new era in MAN's heavy-duty truck series. MAN is in possession of extraordinarily sophisticated technical know-how combined with decades of experience in the development and production of high-performance, cost-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles. With the new TG family, MAN continues to honour its brand promise of consistently offering efficient commercial vehicles for a wide variety of uses and for the most discriminating of demands. This is what MAN's new TGX and TGS stand for while they now also set the benchmark for outstanding energy efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness under the Euro VI standard.

Euro VI is coming - the new TGX and TGS remain consistently efficient

Effective January 1, 2014, all newly registered trucks and buses must comply with the Euro VI exhaust-gas standard. This new standard will lower nitrogen oxide emissions by 80 per cent compared to the currently valid Euro V standard and will reduce particulate emission by another 66 per cent. The development of Euro VI engines represents the sum total of MAN's total engineering ingenuity. MAN is synonymous for quality and efficient, mature technology. It therefore comes as no surprise that all technologies incorpo-rated in the new TGX and TGS have stood the test of many years under toughest series-deployment conditions. In the new Euro-VI-compliant heavy-duty series, customers can look forward to receive a comprehensive package of finely tuned technical solutions for maximum transport reliability. Most of the key technologies required to meet the Euro VI exhaust-gas standard, such as common-rail injection, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR ) and diesel particulate filter (DPF/CRT ), have been successfully used in MAN's series production for more than ten years. For Euro VI, these proven and time-tested components have been sensibly combined and perfectly attuned to each other to make the new TGX and TGS consistently efficient. The core elements of Euro VI technology are the D20/26 EGR engines which have been in use in some 5,000 vehicles on British and Irish roads since 2009. In the Euro V design, these engines have in the meantime run for an accumulated total in excess of 400 million kilome-tres. Euro VI engines made by MAN are virtually emission-free while being on the same high level as Euro V/EEV engines in terms of output, reliability, and efficiency.

For the new TG vehicles, MAN worked hard on compensating for the increase in fuel consumption necessitated by the Euro VI standard. Maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness were the top development principles. As a result, the consumption level is on a par with the already excellent Euro V SCR consumption level. AdBlue® consumption was actually reduced to a significant extent and is now some 50 per cent below that of MAN's Euro V truck. The perfectly harmonised package of technical measures keep the service intervals for TGX and TGS the same at up to 120,000 kilometres in long-distance transport. Moreover, there will be no increase in maintenance or service costs as a result of the Euro VI standard.

And what is more: the new heavy-duty series comes with a significant weight advantage. Thanks to consistent lightweight design, the weight of the system, which is composed of exhaust gas recirculation, two-stage turbocharging, charge-air cooling with air-water main cooler and intercooler and exhaust silencer with CRT filter increases by barely 200 kilograms, depending on the model. It is this design which makes these vehicles the lightest in their class compared to the competition. A number of initial analyses have confirmed that the previous payload benefit of TGX long-haul vehicles over the competition has even been increased for Euro VI.

Stylish and functional - the new TGX and TGS design

Stylishness and functionality - two properties which have traditionally been the hallmark of MAN's heavy-duty series. The vehicle front of the new TGX and TGS was completely redesigned and presents a self-confident and modern look. The company name continues to make its statement in capital letters on the radiator grille. The lion as the unmistakable trademark of all MAN vehicles has been moved to the center of the now even more distinct, highly brilliant chrome-plated trim, radiating high performance and elegance. The combination of an even more dynamically designed radiator grille with the wide-open wind deflectors with visible air conduits has helped to create an all new vehicle front perfectly reflecting the evolution of the TGX and TGS designs. Moving the upper edge of the front flap further down has now exposed the windscreen wiper cover for better visibility. The windscreen wiper cover's design in black serves to visually enlarge the windscreen surface. This has led to an interesting change in proportions of the vehicle's front view while contributing significantly to differentiating the visual impression made by MAN's Euro VI truck. At the same time, however, the vehicles' recognition value has been preserved.

In addition to being visually appealing, the design changes made to the vehicle front also meet the requirements of the Euro VI standard. The modifications have resulted in improved aerodynamics and higher air flow volumes through the vehicle radiator. Wide-open wind deflectors with integrated air conduits serve to optimise the flow of air around the sides. The cooling-air inlets at the vehicle's front have been enlarged to maximise the incoming air flow cross-section and hence to increase engine-cooling performance. At the same time, the air conduit at the radiator grille has been optimised for a more even air flow underneath the vehicle. Aerodynamic optimisations to the A columns, wind deflectors and bumpers help minimise fuel consumption. The vehicle's overall improved aerodynamics hence make an important contribution to keeping fuel consumption down even for the Euro VI standard.

Additional detail optimisations also serve to improve the vehicle's handling for everyday use. The windscreen wipers' exposed position prevents the windscreen wiper system from being affected by ice and snow build-up during the winter season. Its exposure to the wind flow prevents snow build-up. This results in reliable cleaning of the windscreen while improving driving safety by ensuring a clear and unobstructed view of traffic.

Easy to build on and with lots of volume

Another change introduced for the TGX and TGS involves the layout of their frame components. To achieve maximised tank volume in spite of the increased space requirements for exhaust aftertreatment, new single AdBlue® tanks were developed. These tanks have been housed on the left side of the vehicle between the front fender and battery box - either behind the driver's cab or in front of the leading axle. The new access to the working platform on the vehicle's left leads across the tanks. Depending on vehicle configuration, the AdBlue® tank is available with a capacity of between 25 and 80 litres. Depending on vehicle type, customers also get to choose from a large selection of fuel tanks offering a variety of different capacities. The silencer has been positioned on the right. In long-distance transport, mileages of up to 3,800 kilometres can be achieved without refuelling. In addition, the frame clearance can also be used for other add-on components such as silo compressors or hydraulic-fluid tanks, for example. Even in the Euro VI version, space for the bodywork above the frame's upper edge remains free. As far as the body is concerned, all component conflict is ruled out. For special requirements in terms of frame clearance, e.g. for swap-body vehicles, crane tippers or concrete pumps, preparations have been made for shifting the frame add-on components accordingly.

A focus on target-oriented entertainment – the MAN Media Truck Ad-vanced

Anyone travelling on the road for long stretches of time wants to be well en-tertained while driving safely and reliably to his or her destination. The new radio satnav MAN Media Truck (MMT) Advanced combines both aspects while providing top-of-the-line infotainment and route guidance with pinpoint targeting of nearly any destination within Europe. Operation is simple and intuitive thanks to the five-inch touch screen with colour display designed to react fast and precisely to all input. The equipment offers a wide range of new and advantageous functions in addition to the familiar radio functions such as e.g. AM/FM, traffic message channel (TMC), radio data system (RDS) and four-channel audio amplifier. External audio sources (e.g. MP3 player) can be connected to a USB/AUX interface positioned in the right-hand side of the center console, allowing music to be transmitted from the trouser pocket to the driver's cockpit. Additionally, it is possible to play music files saved on a mobile end device on the vehicle's sound system by streaming the audio via the built-in Bluetooth interface. For secure communication, the integrated Bluetooth interface can also be used as a hands-free set for mobile phones.

However, the MMT Advanced positioned in the middle of the center console also serves purposes other than mere entertainment. As a fully-fledged satnav it guides driver and truck securely to their destination. For commercial vehicle-specific navigation, map material on a Micro SD card is now used. This makes it possible to keep playing audio CDs even during route guidance. The infinitely height-adjustable, tilt-adjustable and upward-folding multi-function steering wheel ensures fast and easy operation. The anti-glare displays guarantee a clear view even when hit by direct sunlight. In the new TGX, the MMT Advanced is a standard on-board feature.

The specialist for long distances – the new MAN TGX

The new MAN TGX as the number-one specialist for long distances with its wide variety of models leaves nothing to be desired. Its choice of three different cabs, XL, XLX and XXL, makes the TGX a comfortable companion for demanding transport tasks, both on a national and an international scale. Thanks to its variety of different wheelbases and fifth-wheel heights for Euro-and high-volume trailers, it offers a versatile range of configurations to suit any requirement profile.

The stable, rigid chassis with flexible torsion has no protruding components, making it ideal for mounting bodies. Full air suspension with the bellows posi-tioned far outwards ensures maximum driving comfort and optimum driving safety. Electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) ensures a uniform driving level, making it possible to lower the TGX by 90 millimetres or raise it by 190 millimetres. A memory function makes it possible to recall two different levels, the control being easy to operate with the tap of a finger. The pneumatic-spring damping system provides for excellent stability during driving even when hauling loads with a high center of gravity.

The efficient six-cylinder in-line engines of the MAN D20 and D26 series in Euro VI standard with their output range of between 360 and 480 hp are the secret behind the optimum propulsion of the MAN TGX. There are two different gearbox variants available for the TGX. The automated MAN TipMatic® transmission with 12 speeds allows a particularly cost-conscious driving style as it automatically selects the most favourable moment for shifting gears. When the standard engine-valve brake is operated, the automated gearbox selects the optimum speed for maximum engine braking power. This cuts down on the wear and tear of the service brake while protecting the drive train from stress exposure. There is also a manual 16-speed transmission available for the TGX. It is possible to combine both transmission types with an intarder. This device offers optimised braking performance in the medium- to high-speed ranges and is therefore perfectly suited for operating speeds between 40 and 85 km/h. Driving comfort is improved as the vehicle's brake force remains uninterrupted by shifting operations. The device furthermore helps relieve the service braking system.

The all-rounder on and off the road - the new MAN TGS

The MAN TGS is equipped to deal with the special demands of traction, local and distribution transport. With its choice of three different driving cab types, M, L and LX, the vehicle is highly versatile with uses ranging from rear-dump truck on construction sites all the way to foodstuff-hauling truck in national long-distance transport. Its low kerb weight makes the TGS the ideal concept for maximum flexibility of operation and optimum gross vehicle weight. In its TGS-TS variant, the vehicle sets new standards, notably in the payload-intensive tank and silo industry. Its weight-optimised equipment makes the TGS the lightest vehicle in its class.

Moreover, the new MAN TGS receives top marks for the outstanding ease with which it allows bodies to be mounted. Even in its Euro VI design, the MAN framework structure permits low-cost superstructure solutions and full use of the loading length. This frame design with its flat top surface means that bodies and equipment can be easily and quickly mounted at low cost. There is no risk of damaging the corrosion protection as there is no need for drilling holes. Clearances at the frame and the interface of the customer-specific control module for external data exchange serve to further enhance the ease with which work can be done on the body. Specific framework dun-nages for a wide variety of bodies are available ex works. Moreover, the low-friction and low-noise hypoid axles and the technically sophisticated chassis make an important contribution to the vehicle's excellent handling. In addition to the tried-and-tested parabolic suspension it is notably the air suspension with the ECAS electronic control which assures a high standard of driving comfort and stability. A manual control unit makes it easy to adjust the load-ing ramp heights to different levels.

In the new TGS as well, MAN common-rail diesel engines of the D20 and D26 series in Euro VI standard do a reliable job and put up to 480 hp on the road. This series also features the automated MAN TipMatic® transmission. For enhanced safety and comfort during off-road use, the MAN TipMatic® is also available with an off-road mode. Tailored specially to the operational profile typical of use on construction sites, it ensures safe and comfortable propulsion on sand, mud, or slopes. Especially vehicles used in distribution or construction-site transport are best served by a combination of MAN Tip-Matic® and MAN PriTarder® as the speeds in these areas are typically low to medium. As an alternative, the TGS can also be equipped with manual 16-speed transmission.

Champion fuel saver even in the Euro VI version – the new TGX EfficientLine

The MAN TGX EfficientLine, a success story in itself, is an outstanding fuel saver even in the Euro VI version and cuts down on CO2 emissions. About 18 months ago, MAN became the first manufacturer to put a truck with un-compromising design for efficiency on the market. Ever since that time, this fuel-saving champion has been a great hit with fleet operators and the inter-national trade press alike, which has been heaping lavish praise on this efficient vehicle: "Fleet Truck of the Year", "Green Truck 2011" or "Irish Truck of the Year 2012" are just a few of the awards bestowed on the TGX Efficient-Line. After extensive vehicle testing, a renowned German trade journal awarded the vehicle the overall grade of "Excellent". In additional to an unrivalled test consumption rate of some 28.7 litres per 100 kilometres, the magazine also gave the vehicle top marks in terms of comfort, engine output, and transmission. It is no coincidence that this model of efficiency has already spawned a number of imitators. Efficiency in transport is becoming an ever more important issue, even in the markets outside of Europe where the significant rises in diesel prices have also been affecting the emerging markets. That is why MAN sees the EfficientLine concept as having a global focus.

For the TGX EfficientLine in the Euro VI version, all efficiency-enhancing features were carried over in order to maintain every advantage in terms of consumption. This means a decrease in consumption by up to three litres compared to non-optimised standard vehicles, even in the Euro VI version. The EfficientLine offering allows flexible adaptation to customer requirements. In addition to the basic model, the two-axle semi-trailer tractor with XLX driver's cab, even the TGX models with three axles, driver's cabs in smaller or larger sizes and different suspension variants are available with EfficientLine packages. MAN also offers EfficientLine packages for use of the TGS in long-distance transport. This allows the combination e.g. of tanker trucks with an aerodynamically optimised tractor.

The market success of the TGX EfficientLine is clearly illustrated by the im-pressive sales figures: since then, more than 10,000 MAN TGX EfficientLine vehicles have been delivered to customers all over the world.

Guaranteed reliable – intelligent driver-assistance systems made by MAN

MAN's new heavy-duty TG vehicles are as cost-efficient as they are safe on the road. That’s because MAN offers a multitude of proven safety systems for the TGX and TGS designed to help prevent accidents and to provide perfect protection for drivers and other road users in cases of emergency. Mirrors and headlights have been designed for maximum visibility in any situation, for particularly low energy consumption, and optimised ambient lighting - optionally available with Xenon technology. In addition, the static cornering light ensures improved visibility in curves. In dangerous situations, the MAN BrakeMatic® with electronic braking system (EBS) including braking assistant cuts down significantly on braking distances. Intelligent driver-assistance and safety systems like the stability program ESP, the lane guard system (LGS) and automatic cruise control (ACC) provide a maximum of safety in everyday use. The continuous damping control system (CDC) prevents the development of rolling or pitching movements in the presence of high centers of gravity. Damping is dynamically adjusted to loads and driving situations to ensure optimised handling.

MAN TeleMatics® with optimised vehicle-deployment analysis

MAN TeleMatics® is the efficient solution for fleet control, management and logistics and ensures economical vehicle deployment and transparent trans-portation processes for the new TG vehicles as well. This benefits dispatchers and drivers alike thanks to improved planning reliability as well as detailed information on consignments and tours. Fleet managers are better able to control the utilisation of their fleets while the administrative tasks at the office are simplified.

The four highly effective service packages MAN TeleMatics® Data Smart, Entry, Data and Dispo allow efficient fleet management to meet any require-ment or suit any purpose. The recorded mass-storage and driver card data can be read out from the digital tachograph (DTCO), transmitted to the MAN TeleMatics® portal wirelessly throughout Europe independently of the vehi-cle's location, and archived. Even the transfer of the data into the existing evaluation software is possible. Use of the remote download is possible from DTCO Version 1.4 on.

One of the most important functions within the MAN TeleMatics® software is vehicle deployment analysis (VDA). Vehicle deployment analysis provides the basic data for optimising consumption and operating costs. Vehicle deployment analysis allows evaluation of the vehicle behaviour or driving quality over a specified period of time. The optimised VDA 2 is now also being used in addition to the familiar VDA 1 to provide an even more detailed and well-arranged display of the data. For a better overview it is now possible to sort the data into columns. Column selection and sorting can be saved as a profile to be reused for future analyses. Another innovation is the use of assessment profiles to calculate the values of the deployment analysis. These profiles distinguish between vehicle ranges (heavy-duty, medium-duty and light vehicles) and type of deployment (long-distance transport, local transport, distribution transport) and are available as standard. Where necessary, it is possible to adapt an assessment profile to suit one's own ideas. VDA 2 additionally offers three new reports. The detailed report is a comprehensive one containing weighted values for a selected period of time. The management report provides a brief overview of the ten most important values from the vehicle deployment analysis. Finally, the fleet report allows a comparison of several selected vehicles over the evaluation period. The scale for evaluating economic efficiency is based on the European energy labelling and analyses vehicles deployment by assigning the letters A through G.

A genuine communication genius - MAN's newly developed DriverPad®. Trips and consignments can be processed in the logistics application, the momentary status being sent to dispatch at a mere click. Addresses for loading and unloading can be entered straight into the integrated truck navigation system, avoiding misunderstandings and circuitous routing. Standard and free text messages on the seven-inch display round off the options available for information exchange. Trailer management has been designed for equal ease of use. Integrated trailer management informs drivers of which trailer have been hitched up or unhitched. That way, the dispatcher is aware at all times of which tractor/trailer combination is on the road and where. Its user-friendliness makes exchanging messages and communication especially convenient, supporting close, almost real-time contact between dispatcher and driver.

Telematics for the trouser pocket with MAN's new TeleMatics® app for iPhones and iPads. This way it is possible to use essential functions even on mobile terminals. The app provides a quick overview of the vehicle fleet and provides reports addressing the most important parameters. In addition, fleet operators receive information on the remaining driving time of the deployed drivers and can efficiently schedule additional tours and deployments even while on the go.

Confidence as standard - extended warranty for the TGX and TGS

The new TGX and TGS come with not only efficiency on board but an extended warranty on the power train as well. This means that as standard, operators continue to receive three years' warranty on the main components of the power train, that is, the engine including the turbocharger, the injection nozzles, selected parts of the injection pump, the transmission, the intarder and the driven axles. The guarantee applies to all TGX and TGS with 4x2 and 6x2 axle configurations. It covers a maximum mileage of 450,000 kilometres and is valid in all EU countries plus Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Iceland, and Croatia. Excluded are heavy-duty vehicles and trucks with HydroDrive®. MAN thus gives operators a high level of cost control, especially over their long-haul vehicles.

Customers who enter into an MAN maintenance agreement when purchasing a new vehicle will benefit from a number of savings on other extended guarantees.

  • For example, they will receive a discount of up to 15 percent on purchased guarantees such as the third year of the overall vehicle guarantee or the fourth year of the power-train guarantee.
  • Cost-effective extension of the breakdown service throughout Europe to a maximum of five years.

Innovative driving technology for extra traction – the MAN HydroDrive®

To make the new TG vehicles even more flexible and to better adjust them to the various requirement profiles, they can on request be equipped with MAN's new and innovative HydroDrive® system. The hydrostatic auxiliary drive for the front axle is ideal for vehicles which are mainly deployed in road traffic but are occasionally in need of extra traction. Typical examples are driving tipper tractors or trucks delivering building materials into or out of unpaved construction sites. Lumber trucks, fire-fighting vehicles or milk collection vehicles, all of which have to arrive safely on unpaved roads even in inclement weather conditions, also stand to profit from the MAN HydroDrive®. The selectable hydrostatic front axle drive provides extra traction and safety when driving on unpaved surfaces, on slopes and on slippery roads, but doesn't need a transfer case, a front-axle differential or a front drive shaft. This helps to save fuel and decrease CO2 emissions every single day.

The system consists of a hydraulic pump flanged to the gearbox and wheel-hub motors in the front axle. By comparison with a rear-wheel drive truck, a truck equipped with auxiliary HydroDrive® weighs only slightly more; by comparison with a classic all-wheel drive truck, several hundred kilograms less. HydroDrive® vehicles can thus transport greater payloads. The design height remains unchanged, which means: ease of entry similar to that of an on-road chassis, lower height of the top frame edge and the overall vehicle, lower center of gravity and because of this, optimum driving stability. Similarly, the turning circle of MAN HydroDrive® vehicles is the same as for their rear-wheel drive counterparts. HydroDrive® thus expands the operational range of on-road vehicles: for many operators, this renders the acquisition of an additional all-wheel drive truck superfluous.