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MAN presents more powerful engine optimised for biogas

At the BioEnergy 2010 fair in Hanover, MAN is premiering its E2876 LE 202 gas-powered engine, developed especially for efficient operation using special gases with only 50 percent methane content - in other words, for biogas operation.

The six-cylinder in-line engine is based on the successful E2876 series, outputs 220 kW in 50-Hz operation and is equipped with a single-stage exhaust turbocharger as well as two-stage cooling of the boost mixture, with high- and low-temperature circuits. Specialisation for just a single type of fuel results in increased power and efficiency. By comparison with an engine designed to run on different fuels such as natural gas and special gases, i.e. a bi-fuel engine, the output increases by 20 kW. Moreover, a bi-fuel engine requires gas with at least 60 percent methane content. In order to compensate for the lower quality gas and achieve greater efficiency, the combustion chamber geometry of the new E2876 has been optimised. This enables MAN to offer a particularly efficient engine to customers who use renewable energy such as biogas to run heat and power plants, for example.

Reiner Rössner, Head of Sales Engines & Components at the MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Gruppe, plans to expand this range:­ "Further gas-powered engines will be following the new biogas-optimised E2876. They will be designed specifically for special gases such as biogas, mine and sewage gas or optimised for running on natural gas. For the customer, this means more power and greater efficiency. As a result, their plants will operate more efficiently."

MAN is presenting the engine from November 16 through 19, 2010 at the BioEnergy fair in Hanover at Stand H13, Hall 26.