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MAN on the road again: historic trucks, buses and traction engines set off to tour Bavaria

Oldtimer show in Munich, Augsburg and Nuremberg

MAN is celebrating its 250th birthday with a tour of a very special kind. From 6 to 8 June, more than thirty historic trucks, buses and traction engines will be rolling across Bavaria, making stops in Munich, Augsburg and Nuremberg. The sights offered by "MAN on the road again“ range from a steam traction engine from the year 1918 and the first diesel truck (1923) to historic fire-fighting vehicles and a postbus (1953), as well as the legendary "Pausbacke" (chubby cheeks) from the sixties and even prototypes that have never gone into production. The most attractive models from ninety years of vehicle construction will be presented under the MAN, Neoplan, Steyr and Büssing brands. "At the same time, the oldtimer tour is a birthday celebration for our major sites in Bavaria and we shall be extending a warm welcome to our employees and all oldie fans,“ says Håkan Samuelsson, Executive Board Chairman of the MAN Group. The tour will end with a free concert on Nuremberg´s "Hauptmarkt" on Sunday, 8 June at 5.30 p.m., featuring "Texas-Lightning", the band headed by star comedian Olli Dietrich.

MAN built its first truck more than ninety years ago. Today the Group´s commercial vehicle division is one of the world´s leading suppliers of transport solutions. From light and heavy trucks, special-purpose trucks, touring coaches and city buses to engines, components and services, MAN is at home on every road in the world. Many of its historic vehicles have meanwhile found permanent parking places in museums. To mark MAN´s 250th anniversary, these trucks, buses and "Ackerdiesel" tractors are on the road again.

The kick-off is in Munich on Friday, 6 June. From 11 o´clock onwards, the oldtimers will be presented to the public on "Marienplatz", in front of the town hall. Lord Mayor Christian Ude is sponsoring the event and, together with Anton Weinmann, head of MAN Commercial Vehicles, will officially open the show around 1 p.m. There will be live music on the stage and radio presenter Ulf Pohlmeier will be interviewing owners of oldtimers and celebrities.

Real oldtimer fans can look forward to a city tour in an MAN postbus dating from 1953, in an MAN E3000 (1940) or a Büssing 4500T touring coach. At 7 p.m., the oldtimer caravan will move off along the main B2 road, heading via Germering, Puchheim, Fürstenfeldbruck and Mering for its next destination, the Diesel town of Augsburg.

In Augsburg, the MAN vehicles will be on show on the "Rathausplatz", also from 11 o´clock on Saturday, 7 June. The event will be opened by Augsburg´s future Lord Mayor, Kurt Gribl and the head of MAN Diesel, Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen. As in Munich, the "Mobile MAN Museum" will also be making a stop on the main square in front of the town hall. Inside this modern show truck, 250 years of MAN history will be presented in the form of exhibits and original documents over an area of sixty square metres. Supporting events with live music and interviews will also offer top entertainment for MAN guests in Augsburg. Historic buses will offer a shuttle service for visitors between the town hall and the MAN Museum, where they can take a look at the Rudolf Diesel Exhibition in honour of the 150th anniversary of his birth. In the afternoon, the oldtimers will set off for Nuremberg about 3 p.m., taking the B2 past Donauwörth, Weissenburg and Roth, then through Schwabach and Wolkersdorf.

The last stop for this unusual vehicle caravan will be the " Hauptmarkt" in Nuremberg on Sunday, 8 June. This event will be sponsored by Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly who, together with Anton Weinmann, head of MAN Commercial Vehicles, will open the vehicle spectacle in his town at 1 p.m.. At the same time, the oldtimer show will be an official family day for the 4,000 employees at MAN´s engine works in Nuremberg. Along with their relatives, they are invited to enjoy a Sunday outing on the "Hauptmarkt" and the adjoining squares. To end the oldtimer parade, an open-air concert featuring the well-known country band "Texas Lightning" will begin around 5.30 p.m. Also on stage will be Olli Dietrich, one of Germany´s best-known comedians. Entry to the "Hauptmarkt" is free for all visitors.

List of Vehicles – “MAN on the road again”


  1. Diesel Truck (Reproduction, MAN Motor), No Classification/type designation ,Year Built: 1923
  2. E2 (E 3000) Year Built, : 1940
  3. 10210F, Year Built: 1963
  4. 370 Steyr Daimler Puch AG, Year Built: 1950
  5. Furniture Truck / F8, Year Built 1957
  6. 758 L 1, Year Built: 1954
  7. 630 L1, Year Built: 1953
  8. 630 L2 AE, Year Built: 1958
  9. 415 F, Year Built: 1968
  10. 735 L, Year Built: 1956
  11. MAN-Hauber, Semitrailer Tractor, 770 H, Year Built: 1961
  12. Büssing BS11, Year Built: 1969
  13. 22.320 UNLL, Swap Trailer, Year Built: 1977
  14. 620 LT, Year Built: 1957
  15. 16192 HAK, Year Built: 1980
  16. 19230 HAK Tornado, Year Built: 1973
  17. 620 L3FA, Year Built: 1960
  18. 750, Year Built: 1960
  19. 745 L1, Year Built :1957
  20. Truck (Unicum), NAG, Year Built: 1911
  21. Truck, MAN Saurer, Year Built: 1923
  22. TXG, Year Built: 2008
  23. X 90, Truck (Unicum), Year Built: 1979

Special Vehicles

  1. Tractor, EM Military-Craft, Year Built: 1918
  2. Fire-Fighting Vehicle, LF10, Year Built: 1921
  3. Breakdown Crane, RKW 10, Year Built: 1955
  4. MAN Ackerdiesel, 2R3, Year Built: 1961
  5. Container-Transporter, 22-150, Year Built: 1965


  1. E2/E 3000, Year Built: 1940
  2. MKN 26, Year Built: 1953
  3. Z1, Year Built: 1936
  4. Büssing, Year Built: 1904
  5. N116, Year Built: 1977
  6. 4500 T, Year Built: 1955

MAN auf Achse - legendary "Pausbacke" (chubby cheeks) from the sixties

MAN auf Achse - 36. IAA 1953