MAN goes for gold in Russia

MAN is market leader for the fourth time | 260 new MAN TGL tow trucks for Moscow

For the fourth time in a row, MAN has emerged as the market leader amongst EU manufacturers in Russia. Statistics from the Russian Evitos-Inform Institute for 2013 show 29,300 truck registrations overall for vehicles with more than 6 tonnes in gross weight. With 6,435 registrations, MAN commanded a top market share of 22 percent.

Public-utility and special vehicles make an important contribution to this market share. In February, 260 new MAN TGL tow trucks will be brought into service by the car parking authorities of the Russian capital. These will be used to tow away the illegally-parked vehicles that can bring traffic on Moscow's roads daily to a standstill. Moscow's drivers often need several hours just to travel a few kilometres to work. Emergency services such as the police and fire brigade also frequently need assistance from tow trucks.

These MAN TGLs are designed as nimble 12-tonne trucks able to produce 180 hp and featuring an air-sprung rear axle. Equipped with a crane and sliding platform, they can tow away vehicles weighing up to five tonnes. With a telescopic crane jib that can be extended to up to ten metres, these trucks can even load cars that are several lanes away. The MAN TGLs are therefore ideal not just for the city centre but also for the multi-lane arterial roads of the wider urban area.